St. Louis, MO listing in database change?

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Nov 25, 2007
St. Louis County, MO

Here in Missouri we have the independent city of St. Louis which is not a county.
Then we have the county of St. Louis.
In the RR database page, one must click the county listing and then there is a small hyperlink that allows you to get to the City page.
That works well but it is the database itself when accessed by the various apps by Butel and Starrsoft etc. that cause confusion.

When I use most of the commercially available software packages to retrieve database info for say St. Louis County I'm always presented with two choices for "St. Louis". There is no difference between the City and the County database on the county pick dropdown. It simply shows TWO St. Louis choices.
You really have no idea if you will get the city database or the county database. So you have to flip a coin and then choose and then wait until the data is retrieved before you can determine if you selected the correct St. Louis.

My question, would it be hard to distinguish them by maybe adding the word City like "St. Louis City" for the cities database so the retrieval apps like Butel's ARC apps and Don Starr's apps will show which database (city or county) you are selecting before you select it?
I think I pick the wrong one about 90% of the time so I must have bad luck as it is a 50% chance of getting it correct on the first try! No wonder I never win the lottery!

Oddly, there is one database retrieval app that does figure this out and labels the city database with the word City or Independent City (I forget which) but it has slipped my mind as to which app it is. I'm going to say it is Proscan or Freescan as those are really the only others I use in addition to Butel and Starrsoft which are my most used of the bunch. So it looks as though the app authors can do this if needed but I'd bet many of them do not even know about our odd city that is not in a county. That is why I ask here as it seems it would be the logical place to make the change so it will reflect on any current app now or new or future apps that can access and retrieve data from the database.

I'd love to see this small addition or change if it can be done without much trouble.

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Dec 9, 2000
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Unfortunately this is an issue with the software applications... we send a flag in the data stream that tells the applications if the response is an "Independent City" or "County" - Butel and others need to process that properly.

I'd recommend you contact Butel and or the other providers and make them aware that this is a problem for you.

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