Stafford Fire Department

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Feb 24, 2003
Houston, TX
What sites on StarNET are these guys operating off of typically?

I saw alot of activity yesterday afternoon with both Sugar Land and Stafford FD's around Dairy Ashford/Fountain Lake Drive. Don't know what the final destination was but I saw SLFD Ladder 2 go up Dairy Ashford and turn on FLD running code and a Stafford FD unit a few minutes later go up Dairy Ashford.

I have sites 1, 10, & 15 programmed in my scanner as both these areas seem to utilize site 1 alot. I got absolutely no radio traffic for FD traffic at all yesterday. Not sure if they were on another site or I am missing some TG's. I programmed in all the TG's that were database.

On another bank on my scanner Stafford PD was active and was hitting site 1, so I am a little confused as to what I might be missing. Additionally Ft. Bend EMS was active on yet another bank and I have heard Stafford FD active before on my scanner.

My thoughts are that either I am missing a site or two on my scanner for StarNET for them, have a different TG I am missing, or are operating on another bandwidth (maybe VHF or UHF) that I don't have programmed.

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