STARCOM21 Talkgroups 1676-1679 - Wauconda Fire District Tactical Ops?

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Database Admin
Jan 6, 2005
Along with the storms that blew through the area on Monday afternoon came the use of frequencies and talkgroups that don't normally see much action. For example, Wauconda Fire District units were using STARCOM21 TG 1678 for storm-related comms. This is one of a group of four talkgroups (1676-1679) that has seen limited use in the past (both in the clear and encrypted) by Wauconda and possibly other Lake County fire agencies.

I posted an inquiry to the group a number of years ago, asking if anyone could help identify these talkgroups. That inquiry had no replies (as far as I can recall).

I have to believe that there are one or more group members who are familiar with Lake County (IL) fire frequencies and talkgroups, so I'll give this another shot. Can anyone confirm the identities of these four talkgroups? If not, does anyone have contacts at Wauconda Fire District and/or MABAS Division 4 who might be willing to help solve this "mystery"?

I would be happy to keep the source of this information a secret if so desired, just contact me directly.

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