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State police and starcom

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Dec 11, 2003
Has there ever been a definite date released for when the State plans on switching over to starcom from vhf lo/hi band?


Dec 14, 2001
Far NW Valley
Not that I have heard. Motorola has promised that StarCom21 will be totally built out by the end of December, 2006. District 15 (Tollway) units already have some StarCom21 radios deployed, these also have the current D15 800 MHz. channels in them, so it is just a matter of changing channels for them.

The rest of the ISP districts are a different story. They have already started phasing out low band operations in some areas, and some districts are adding VHF highband channels (see my post about D-1) or moving more ops to existing highband channels. These would be back-up and stop-gaps to StarCom21.

It will take some time to get all 2000 or so ISP cars equipped with StarCom21 radios, financially and operationally. It will likely be done on a by-district basis.
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