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Apr 10, 2003
Glen Burnie, Maryland
Just to start a new thread for MilAir that will be easier to navigate - at least for awhile - I'll go ahead and start it by posting the freqs I've got in just one of my banks. I've just finished realigning all my banks and have added some new freqs. All the frequency descriptions below fit within the Uniden 16 character limit for alpha tags. If there is any info to add to any of these units, please do. The spaces between units were left to allow for expansion should it occur and additional freqs need to be added for various units. This is my primary fighter bank and represents a bank of 100 channels (or one System in eight Groups for the dynamic memory scanners)....

139.6250 F16 VA-ANG 149FS
139.9250 F16 VA-ANG 149FS
141.6000 F16 VA-ANG 149FS
141.6250 F16 VA-ANG 149FS
141.8250 F16 VA-ANG 149FS
141.8750 F16 VA-ANG 149FS
141.9000 F16 VA-ANG 149FS
142.1750 VA-ANG Cmd Post
289.3000 VA-ANG Cmd Post
257.8000 Richmond Tower

139.1500 F16 DC-ANG 121FS
139.3500 F16 DC-ANG 121FS
139.7000 F16 DC-ANG 121FS
143.1500 F16 DC-ANG 121FS
143.6000 F16 DC-ANG 121FS
139.9000 DC-ANG SOF 121FS
234.8000 DC-ANG SOF 121FS
270.2750 Andrews Approach
335.5000 Andrews Approach
349.0000 Andrews Tower

34.4000 A10 MD-ANG 104FS
34.6000 A10 MD-ANG 104FS
36.8000 A10 MD-ANG 104FS
40.1500 A10 MD-ANG 104FS
41.4500 A10 MD-ANG 104FS
41.9500 A10 MD-ANG 104FS
140.0000 A10 MD-ANG 104FS
142.3000 A10 MD-ANG 104FS
143.0000 A10 MD-ANG 104FS
143.8000 Raven Ops MD-ANG
347.2000 Raven Ops MD-ANG
297.2000 Martin State Twr
385.9000 Crab Ops C130J

34.7500 A10 PA-ANG 103FS
46.7500 A10 PA-ANG 103FS
46.8500 A10 PA-ANG 103FS
49.7500 A10 PA-ANG 103FS
138.3000 A10 PA-ANG 103FS
138.5000 A10 PA-ANG 103FS
141.7250 A10 PA-ANG 103FS
142.2500 A10 PA-ANG 103FS
143.2500 A10 PA-ANG 103FS
143.7500 A10 PA-ANG 103FS
141.8000 PA-ANG Base Ops
343.0000 PA-ANG Base Ops
340.2000 Willow Grove Twr

138.0500 F16 NJ-ANG 119FS
138.1000 F16 NJ-ANG 119FS
138.2000 F16 NJ-ANG 119FS
138.3000 F16 NJ-ANG 119FS
138.4250 F16 NJ-ANG 119FS
138.5000 F16 NJ-ANG 119FS
138.8750 F16 NJ-ANG 119FS
138.1250 NJ-ANG Base Ops
261.0000 NJ-ANG Base Ops
239.0000 AtlanticCity Twr

138.1500 F16 79th FS Shaw
141.6000 F16 79th FS Shaw
141.7750 F16 79th FS Shaw
141.9000 F16 79th FS Shaw
142.1250 F16 79th FS Shaw
299.9000 79th FS Discrete

138.0000 F16 ND-ANG Fargo
139.6250 Cobra SOF NY-ANG

253.5000 LangleyAFB Tower
123.3750 Langley NASA Ops
310.4000 Langley NASA Ops
251.2500 Langley Cmd Post
311.0000 Langley Cmd Post
141.7500 LangleyAFB PTD
376.2000 LangleyAFB PTD
383.2000 LangleyAFB SOF
228.1750 Langley 1st FW
228.4500 Langley 1st FW
233.5250 Langley 1st FW
236.5500 Langley 1st FW
238.8250 Langley 1st FW
252.7750 Langley 1st FW
254.2000 Langley 1st FW
257.0750 Langley 1st FW
276.6750 Langley 1st FW
282.6750 Langley 1st FW
287.7750 Langley 1st FW
315.8500 Langley 1st FW
358.8500 Langley 1st FW
381.1000 Langley 1st FW
351.0000 BULL Ops Langley
357.1000 IRON Ops-Langley
364.1250 SPAD Ops Langley

(NOTE: I'll probably take those top seven freqs in the Langley group and move them elsewhere. They really don't belong with the fighter freqs. Same goes for the Crab Ops freq I've got with the MD-ANG A-10s.)
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Jul 10, 2005
Severna Park.MD
Have you ever attempted track the level of use on a particular frequency to get a handle of the most used frequencies in a given range?

I guess it would be like a MilAir " Top 25" chart, that someone with a limited number of banks could use to set up their scanner.

Just wondering early in the AM.



Feb 1, 2006
ARC PRO will allow you to record the number of hits on all the frequencies in your scanner.
I run ARC PRO with my 796 and find this valuable tool in programming.



Jul 15, 2006
The Dee Sea
The hearings from yesterday evening (Fri 04Aug) at Gravelly Point. The river was unusually quiet - I can't recall having seen a single helicopter.

1705: -118.95 (Potomac Dep)- HAWK 1 ( ) radar contact, climbs to 5K, 17K, and direct GINYA J149
1706: -119.85 (Potomac App)- JOSA 805 ( ) expect some bumps in the clouds over IAD, vectors for the visual 1R at ADW, handed off to -128.35 (Potomac App)-
1707: -141.55 (ADW CP)- JOSA 705, tail 40120 (C-21A 84-0120), was off at 2103z
1712: -124.7 (Potomac App)- ROSS 101 ( ) wants a slow transition to the south
1714: -118.4 (ADW Tower)- PAT 203 ( ) is off Bolling, wants to go over the top to Whites Plantation [in retrospect, probably said Wye Plantation]
1716: -119.85- TRACK 32 ( ) expect vectors visual 1R at ADW
1731: -378.1 (ADW CP)- REACH 3837 (C-130E 63-7837 seen) said something that couldn't be heard over the roar of a departing AA MD-82!
1737: -119.85- JOSA 835 ( ) arrival vectors ADW
1742: -119.85- REACH 5140 (C-17A 05-5140 March seen) arrival vectors ADW
1744: -141.55- REACH 3837 is 10 minutes out [called on VHF this time]
1754: -119.1 (DCA Tower)- COAST GUARD 101 (G-V 01 seen), taxi into position and hold, cleared for takeoff, contact Departure -118.95-, climb vectors, and to -123.82-
1801: -118.95- EVAC 33114 (C-17A 03-3114 MS ANG seen) radar contact, climb vectors, and to -118.67-
1830: -119.85- NAVY 700 (C-20/37 seen) arrival vectors ADW
1851: -119.85- ARMY 21863 (C-37 02-1863* seen) was given a 140 heading to go over the top of DCA, and join a short base leg. Other west arrivals flew downwind W of DCA, and turned base near the Wilson Bridge

*I just realized the Army's G-Vs are numbered 1778, 1863, and 1944. Cute, but I can't believe I didn't see this until now!


Apr 10, 2003
Glen Burnie, Maryland
1400: JUst walked past a radio and happened to hear a batch of A-10s from the CT-ANG at Bradley working at Warren Grove Range. They are using both 139.625 and 283.1 for the range and I'm also hearing them on their tac freqs 138.75, 138.825 and 140.2. One of the callsigns is SANDY (at least two of those on their tac 138.825). No callsigns heard yet on the other freqs but I suspect the entire batch is CT-ANG.

(All three of those CT-ANG tac freqs I have programmed as their favorite presets. They wouldn't fit on the fighter bank I posted in the first message above so have them in another which I'll post at some point.)
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Sep 21, 2002
Northern Virginia
TinEar said:
1400: JUst walked past a radio and happened to hear a batch of A-10s from the CT-ANG at Bradley working at Warren Grove Range. They are using both 139.625 and 283.1 for the range and I'm also hearing them on their tac freqs 138.75, 138.825 and 140.2. One of the callsigns is SANDY (at least two of those on their tac 138.825). No callsigns heard yet on the other freqs but I suspect they entire batch is CT-ANG.

The other callsign at the Range is CUDA21 flight of 2 A10s. Heard them coming in with ZNY Dixie sector on 307.8.

Also discussion about working with JOLLY a flight of helos due in the area shortly.

...from my alternate NJ Shore monitoring location



Apr 10, 2003
Glen Burnie, Maryland
Thanks Jim. I was wondering who that other flight was. At 1420, the CUDA 21 flight is reporting RTB so they'll be coming your way again soon.

1427: SANDY is now talking to JOLLY 22 on 139.625 but I can't hear the JOLLY helos. I don't know of any JOLLY helos stationed in this area. Had one of them on 7/31 working with MUSSEL Ops on 292.2 at Andrews but that's my only experience with them.
1451: The CT-ANG A-10s are still operating at Warren Grove on the various freqs listed above. Will leave it right there and go about my day. 'Till later. And just as I type that....
1455: The SANDY flight has now left the range and is over on ZNY-Yardley 290.2 heading back to Bradley. They are chatting on 138.75 as they leave.

Can't forget to add this: The CT-ANG A-10s have been referring to the 139.625 freq at Warren Grove as the "Threat Warning Victor" freq.

Baydog/David said:
Have you ever attempted track the level of use on a particular frequency to get a handle of the most used frequencies in a given range?

I guess it would be like a MilAir " Top 25" chart, that someone with a limited number of banks could use to set up their scanner.

David, based on your location, I think with a MilAir bank limited to 25 channels I'd probably just go with the Andrews freqs. Since there are such varied aircraft types stationed there, it would enable a good feel for many types of activity and could just about fill up 25 channels. That's probably how we all got started in MilAir listening. Once the bug grabs you, you start expanding the number of channels and with the new scanners you can have it all.
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Apr 10, 2003
Glen Burnie, Maryland
Here's another bank of 100 channels (1 System/4 Groups for the new scanners) This bank includes the Giant Killer and Patuxent River Channels along with some filler including out of area fighter presets along with Customs/DHS. As above, the descriptions fit the Uniden 16 character alpha tag format.

118.1250 Giant Killer W72
125.3750 Giant Killer
135.2250 GiantKiller W105
135.7250 GiantKiller W107
135.8750 GiantKiller W122
233.7000 Giant Killer W72
238.1000 GiantKiller W386
249.8000 GiantKiller W386
251.6000 GiantKiller W122
255.0000 GiantKiller W107
271.5000 Giant Killer W72
292.3000 Giant Killer Ops
305.0000 GiantKiller W105
310.1000 GiantKiller W122
312.3000 Giant Killer Ops
337.2250 Giant Killer Ops
338.1000 GiantKiller W105
350.0000 GiantKiller W386
346.6000 Giant Killer
373.1000 Giant Killer Ops
389.1000 Giant Killer Ops
391.2000 Giant Killer Ops
288.4000 MAGIC E3 Ops
277.6000 MAGIC E3 Ops

119.2750 Pax Rvr Check-In
120.0500 Pax Rvr App/Dep
121.0000 Pax Rvr App/Dep
123.7000 Pax Rvr Tower
127.9500 Pax Rvr App/Dep
138.6250 Pax Rvr USN TPS
138.9750 Patuxent River
139.5250 Patuxent River
140.9250 Patuxent River
142.0750 Patuxent River
143.7250 Pax Rvr TESTER
233.8500 PaxRvr SHADETREE
235.7250 PaxRvr BayWatch
236.3000 PaxRvr BLACKJACK
238.0500 Patuxent River
249.6500 PaxRvr OspreyOps
250.3000 Pax Rvr App/Dep
250.7000 Pax Rvr SALTYDOG
250.8500 Pax HeloAdvisory
256.5000 Pax Rvr Discrete
262.9500 Pax Rvr Echo Ctl
264.1500 Pax Rvr TESTER
264.5500 Patuxent River
270.8000 PaxRvr BayWatch
277.0000 Patuxent River
281.8000 Pax Rvr App/Dep
285.2000 Pax Rvr WATERBUG
291.1500 Pax Rvr Echo Ctl
299.4000 Pax Rvr Advisory
302.2500 Patuxent River
302.5500 Pax Rvr Base Ops
305.2000 Pax Rvr Check-In
310.1500 Patuxent River
310.5500 Pax Rvr Echo Ctl
314.0000 Pax Rvr App/Dep
337.9000 Patuxent River
340.2000 Pax Rvr Tower
341.1000 Pax Rvr VX-1
341.9500 Pax Rvr Echo Ctl
344.4000 Pax Rvr Tower
350.9000 Patuxent River
354.8000 PaxRvr BayWatch
363.3500 Patuxent River
369.9000 Pax Rvr Check-In
387.9000 Patuxent River
392.6750 Patuxent River

136.3750 DHS AirInterdict
282.4250 DHS AirInterdict
308.3500 DHS AirInterdict
350.0250 DHS AirInterdict
376.0750 DHS AirInterdict
166.5875 Customs
166.4625 Customs
165.2375 Customs (RPTR)
165.7625 Customs (RPTR)
169.4500 Customs (RPTR)
165.7375 Customs

125.1250 VT-ANG Maple Ops
261.8000 VT-ANG Maple Ops
143.8250 MA-ANG Hawk Ops
303.0000 MA-ANG Hawk Ops
139.9000 A10 MA-ANG 104FW
141.6750 A10 MA-ANG 104FW
141.9000 CT-ANG Shark Ops
349.7000 CT-ANG Shark Ops
138.5500 A10 CT-ANG 103FW
138.7500 A10 CT-ANG 103FW
138.8250 A10 CT-ANG 103FW
140.2000 A10 CT-ANG 103FW
274.2500 C130 NY SkierOps
383.3000 C130 RI RhodyOps
252.1000 C5 MA 439th AW
257.6000 Wheeler Sack App
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Jan 5, 2004
Lo Co VA/ FM19
Not much time for milair scanning today. But while in Haymarket a plane departing Dulles to the west caught my eye. I believe it was a C-160, looks like a C-130 with two engines. I tuned in and IDed it as GERMAN AIR FORCE-970 (I believe that is the # I heard) first on 126.65, then 118.675 before going back about my business.

Then around 2pm while doing some more construction of my patio, a MUSSELL flight of one flew by apparently heading to Mt. WX. I didn't bother getting my scanner.


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Jul 22, 2002
Bowie, Md.
baydog said:
Have you ever attempted track the level of use on a particular frequency to get a handle of the most used frequencies in a given range?
I guess it would be like a MilAir " Top 25" chart, that someone with a limited number of banks could use to set up their scanner.
Just wondering early in the AM.

Dave, to add to what Tin wrote - if I had the room, I'd also put in a few of the Martin State freqs as well as the BWI milair and SWANN 360.7. With a decent outdoor antenna I don't think you'd have much trouble with hearing these. I'd also add - if the channel space is available - 260.9 and 228.9 (favorite HUNTRESS freqs) and 255.4 (Nationwide FSS)

73s Mike


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Jul 10, 2005
Severna Park.MD
Between my BC896 and Pro-70, I 've got plenty of channels for MilAir. If i resurrect my BC3000XLT, I'll have more. I was thinking about arranging things into some sort of heirarchy of use. Maybe arranging by location makes better since.

There are lots of freqs that I hear nothing on, but that probably is a function of no outside attenna.But on the other hand I routinely hear MSP Easton with my indoor antennas.



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Jul 22, 2002
Bowie, Md.
Seeing as I'm in the same situation as you - stuck with indoor antennas, and no way to put up anything outdoors (even worse - I'm a ham) you will unfortunately lose out somewhat. But as has been proven before, you can still hear stuff; get the antennas as high as possible, in an attic or even a crawlspace (if there's enough vertical clearance) and feed it correctly, and you will start hearing things. Buying an antenna isn't really necessary, unless you're kinda poor with tools (like me...). We've got a few plans on the Wiki.

I would even consider a small 10db or so preamp to kick things up a little. Be careful with preamps tho - as you probably know, too much gain and all you're going to hear is lots of pagers, FM junk and other stuff you don't want to hear. Those with adjustable gain are better, IMHO (all right, not so humble :.>>) There are a few floating around on the Wiki page, and I understand there's been something on EBay just recently.

The 3000 is a good handheld for this sort of thing (Hey CitationJet, don't you have one?) Put a nice NilJon mobile on your car, and it should do the job nicely as a car scanner. If memory serves, it's a tad prone to overloading and cell images, but as old scanners go, it's a dandy. You might even be able to find better batteries for it - there are several manufacturers and distributors on the CHM scanners page. Heck with a little work, you might even find a mobile cord.....73s Mike


Jun 18, 2006
NASA-908 departed KNXX this morning around 1020. He used UHF on the ground (I didn't catch his destination) but VHF to the tower and in-flight. First with Philly <123.8> handed off to Philly Departure South <119.75> and climbing to 12,000. Next to ZDC <127.275> and climbing to 16,000. Handed off to another ZDC <120.975> descending down to 10,000 and that's the last I hear at around 1040.

Any idea what type of aircraft? Pilot sounds like he was in a fighter jet (wearing a mask).


Jul 15, 2006
The Dee Sea
NASA908 is N908NA, one of their fairly large fleet of T-38s. With just a couple of exceptions, NASAxxx callsigns match up to civil registration NxxxNA. The NASA flights show up on Flightaware, which shows that this one routed NXX-PHF-HSV-EFD (Willow Grove-Newport News-Huntsville-Houston/Ellington, if the codes don't roll off your tongue).

Coincidentally, T-38 N969NA was seen yesterday at IAD, departing to HOP (Fort Campbell, KY) as NASA969.


Apr 10, 2003
Glen Burnie, Maryland
0918: Have a flight of Willow Grove A-10s heading for the Duke MOA. Currently with ZNY-Pottstown 278.3 at 16,000 feet and requesting direct Slate Run. They are using 143.25 for tac.
0922: Same flight of A-10s is on 141.8 with Base Ops at Willow Grove.
0924: Callsign is FLYER 1, a flight of two A-10s handed off to ZNY-Williamsport 338.3 where they try to check in but have no joy so they go back to ZNY-Pottstown for direction. They are sent to 279.55
0926: FLYER 1 flight checks in with ZNY-Swissdale on 279.55. No joy here either so back to Pottstown they go.
0928: FLYER 1 flight sent back to ZNY-Williamsport 338.3 where they check in at 16000 direct Slate Run and get a reply this time. (Meanwhile, over on tac 143.25, the two FLYER pilots are having a great discussion of their exercise routines to stay in shape.)
0932: FLYER 1 requesting 17000 to the Duke...if not available, they'll take 18000. «338.3» They get 17000
0936: FLYER 1 requesting FL 180 when able. «338.3»
0937: FLYER 1 handed to ZNY-Milton 269.1 where they check in as a flight of two A-10s in standard formation at 17000 and request 18000
0937: BULLY 1 (female) F-16 flight up from Andrews with TRACON 348.725 and then to ZDC-Calvert 281.4 where she checks in at 15000
0938: ANGRY 1 flight up from Andrews...with TRACON 348.725 at 1500 feet and climbing
0939: BULLY 1 over to Pax Approach 305.2 where she tries to check joy...back to 281.4 and sent right back to Pax 305.2 where she does check in for clearance into the R-4006 airspace for Event-55. (NO tac heard for BULLY which indicates she may be a single ship flight.)
0941: ANGRY is a flight of two working tac 143.6
0943: Didn't hear FLYER handed off but now hearing them with ZOB-Wayland 353.85 although very weakly
0943: ANGRY flight to ZDC-Calvert 281.4
0944: FLYER asking what altitude STEEL 61 (KC-135R PA-ANG Pittsburgh) checked in at «353.85» FLYER cleared into the Duke. (They are now loud and clear on this freq but have lost them on tac.)
0944: ANGRY to Pax on 305.2 for entry at 15000. Cancel IFR at this point. Wants clearance up to 25000 feet for two F-16s for the next 45 minutes. They request 354.8 as their discrete freq but are sent to 256.5 instead by the Pax controller.
0947: ANGRY checks in with BayWatch on 256.5
0950: Another A-10 flight heading to the Duke MOA...with ZNY-Swissdale 279.55 (no callsign heard) They are also talking to the FLYER flight on tac 143.25 but I can no longer hear the FLYER end of the conversation.
0952: LYNX 31 flight (F-15 Langley) with Norfolk TRACON 370.925...switch to U-7
0953: LYNX 31 flight to Giant Killer on 238.1 for entrance into the area and mention they'll be working with a DEFT flight for the next 27 minutes.
0954: DEFT 21 flight with Norfolk TRACON 370.925
(Sure sounds like the Langley fighters are back home!!!!)
0955: DEFT 21 checks in with giant Killer on 238.1 for event V-0705 for the next 30 minutes
0957: Langley tac freq 233.525 active. Sounds like F-22A activity.
0958: ANGRY flight says to switch to "Victor Secure" while on 143.6 tac freq and I then hear nothing but bursts of noise as they talk in secure mode. Back on the discrete freq 256.5, the ANGRY flight leader tells his wingman to wait a bit after pushing his mic because he's cutting off the first word.

1000: DEEJAY 11 flight (F-22A Langley) checks in with Giant Killer on 238.1 to work in area W72 1C-1F for the next 20 minutes in Event V-0709. Says they'll be working with a MARLIN 41 flight.
(If MARLIN checks in as an F-22A flight, it will mark the first time hearing that callsign for that aircraft type. DEEJAY was first heard on 3/27/06 as F-22A.)
1003: Have the second Willow Grove A-10 flight now with ZOB-Wayland 353.85 but are too weak to pull out the callsign at this point.
1007: ANGRY flight mentions to the ground based FAC they're working with, "We can't see color when we're this high." Apparently, the FAC gave them a target and described it by color. 256.5
The FAC at the Pax Vienna Range is using callsign IRON CROSS.
I should mention that the name "Pax (or Patuxent) Vienna Range" is my creation. I have never heard or read an official name for that range.
1013: The ANGRY flight is using nothing but secure voice on their tac 143.6 freq. Hope they don't go to this full time.
1015: Callsign sounded like WINGS 35 checks in with Giant Killer on 238.1 and IDs as two F-22s working area W-386H. If this callsign holds up, it will be new for both Langley and for F-22A aircraft.
1025: BULLY flight checking out of Pax area on 354.8 or moving to another area near the range. (think she's just been watching the ground attack activity)
1-25: TESTER (USN Test Pilot School) freq 250.7 at Pax active with a pilot giving PIREPs...says he's changing to freq 387.9 which is also a good Pax freq. I hear him on 387.9 but too weak to copy among all the noise from other radios at the moment and not important enough to turn the others down. Also have a TESTER aircraft (39 I believe) with Pax on 354.8
1033: Hearing one of the Willow Grove A-10 flights again on tac 143.25
1035: This has been brutal listening to the ANGRY flight in secure mode on tac 143.6 for the past 35 minutes or so. In the clear on discrete 256.5 but constant secure transmissions on tac.
1035: BULLY 1 with ZDC-Calvert 281.4 coming home.
1036: BULLY 1 with SOF on 139.9 to give in-flight report where she says she's Code 1 and was kicked out of the Pax area for saturation (aircraft) and also talks about the hazy conditions today....and then over to Approach on 335.5 for descent and heading to the runway at Andrews.
(She sounded a bit miffed when reporting she was kicked out of Pax.)
1042: BULLY 1 cleared for ILS to runway 19L «335.5»
1043: BULLY 1 over to Andrews Tower 349.0 for ILS to runway 19L, high key, option.
1045: ANGRY to BayWatch to say they're looking for the tunnel to Andrews...ANGRY 1 also says they are being kicked out of the area due to aircraft saturation. «256.5» Flight leader tells ground FAC he'll give a call when he gets on the ground.
1046: BULLY 1 took the option and is going around again. «349.0»
1048: BULLY 1 cleared for low approach to runway 19L. «349.0»
1048: WINGS 33 with Norfolk TRACON 370.925 climbing from 6 to 23,000 feet.
1049: WINGS 33 with Giant Killer on 233.7 to enter work area.
1051: LIMEY 72 checks in with Giant Killer on 233.7 for area W-72 1C-1F and says they'll be working with RATS (or RACK) 81. (All three callsign are Langley F-15s)
1053: ANGRY flight to SOF 139.9 with in flight report...says they're 30 minutes early...both aircraft are Code 1 and they are 40 miles south.
1053: Oh yeah...BULLY 1 going around again. «349.0»
1055: ANGRY flight goes back to V-5 on 143.6 and are now in the clear.
1056: LIMEY 71 requesting FL 210 from Giant Killer «233.7» And gets it.
1058: BULLY 1 gets an option for 19L yet again. «349.0»
1059: ANGRY flight with ADW Approach «335.5»

1100: ANGRY flight with ADW Tower «349.0»
1102: ANGRY flight doing some approach work also. «349.0»
1104: BULLY and ANGRY flights in full stop landing...all done. «349.0»

Break time.....
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May 12, 2006
Northern Virginia

Finally able to get the radio cranking at work this morning. So far...

1326Z 118.950 Potomac DEP - BOXER 40 (201st AS DC ANG) - deps ADW to 17000' QSY 123.82.
1427Z 118.950 Potomac DEP - COAST GUARD 101 (C-37A 01) - deps DCA.
1427Z 119.850 Potomac APP - N3 (Ce560XL N3 FAA) - to 6000' QSY 124.7.

1503Z 118.950 Potomac DEP - MARINE 206 (UC-12B 161206) - deps ADW QSY 118.67.
1528Z 119.850 Potomac APP - PAT 532 () - vectors for the visual to 19L at ADW. Down to 4000' and QSY 119.3.
1544Z 126.300 Davison AAF TWR - PAT 1267 (C-12T 85-1267 OSACOM VA RFC Davison) - lands rwy 14.
1545Z 118.950 Potomac DEP - JOSA 568 (C-21A) - QSY 120.65.

1624Z 119.850 Potomac APP - SAM 0532 () - 7000' for 6000' vecotrs for the ILS to 19L.

1803Z 118.950 Potomac DEP - NAVY 7C 368 (UC-12B on the shuttle) - on the arr to DAA QSY Davison AAF GCA 118.85.
1816Z 119.850 Potomac APP - NAVY 692 (C-20D 163692) - vectors on the arr for ADW 19R QSY 119.3.

1945Z 141.550 GRIFFIN CP Andrews - JOSA 516 (C-21A) - clg no joy.
1951Z 126.300 Davison AAF TWR - PAT 7104 (UC-35A 97-0104 OSACOM DC ArNG) - practice apps to rwy 14.
1958Z 126.300 Davison AAF TWR - MUSSEL 01 and PAT 44 () - PAR to rwy 14 + practice apps.

2030Z 119.850 Potomac APP - NAVY 909 () - vectors around wx for an app to ADW.
2031Z 260.900 ZDC-HUNTRESS - SAM 0533 clg PANTHER here no joy.
2047Z 351.200 LIBERATOR CP - DC 93 (Kc-135R 459th ARW AFRC) - 30 mins out A1 40K fuel, req parking, then revises to A2.
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Apr 10, 2003
Glen Burnie, Maryland
The following confirms what we've already learned about the Langley fighters returning home....
(This story was published last week so "this weekend" refers to this past weeked.)

Jets will return to newly paved runway

HAMPTON, Va. The jets will return to Langley Air Force Base this weekend, after a 39 (m) million-dollar resurfacing of their runway.
The F-22-A Raptors and F-15 Eagles will come back tomorrow or Saturday.

Major Jack Miller, spokesman for the 1st Fighter Wing, said there's still some painting to be done in the renovation job.

And even more important is an all-hands walk today and another one tomorrow.

It's called an "F-O-D" walk -- for "foreign object damage" -- and it involves people walking the length of the ten-thousand-foot runway and its apron, looking for anything left over from construction that could be sucked into a jet engine.

The Raptors of the 27th Fighter Squadron have spent the past month at Oceana Naval Air Station, after being deployed in late May to Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska for a joint exercise over the Pacific Ocean.

The Eagles of the 71st Fighter Squadron have been in Savannah, Georgia.
1137: ROACH 71 to Giant Killer on 238.1 climbing to FL 230 and looking to rejoin with KANG 11 flight. (Both ROACH and KANG are Langley F-15 callsigns.)
1145: Refueling activity on 238.9 at this time.

1213: SAM 0532 calling ?Andrews? on 260.9 for a radio check (HUNTRESS freq)
1215: SAM 0532 calling ?Andrews? on Victor «139.15»
1221: SAM 0532 calling ?Andrews? again on 260.9. (I think he's probably up to check the Sparkle system)
He's got a bad transmitter and I'm not sure it's Andrews he's calling anymore. It sounds more like PANTHER now. Anyway, confirm he's checking Sparkle (red/green laser warning system). He seems to have settled on the 260.9 freq for his work.
1225: TEAM 11 (KC-10A McGuire) calling McGuire CP on 134.1
1230: SAM 0532 in the landing pattern at Andrews on one transmitter and still talking on 260.9 with another.
1231: SAM 0532 signs off the 260.9 freq. (The transmitter on 260.9 is a garbled mess but the one used for ATC is clear as a bell.)
1235: TEAM 11 to McGuire CP on 134.1....hmmm...wants CP to call a couple of extensions there at McGuire to let them know a certain Captain on board is undergoing a flight (something I didn't understand) and wants to arrange to have a bunch of people give the Captain the usual "hose down" when they arrive. Says they're going to do some touch and goes when they get back to McGuire but will let them know before it's time to land.
1238: TEAM 11 Heavy with ACY Approach on 124.6 descending through 8000 down to 5000 heading to McGuire.

1301: FLYER 1 (A-10 Willow Grove PA-ANG) with Philadelphia TRACON «291.7»
1302: FLYER 1 handed off to ZNY-Pottstown «278.3» where they check in at 17,000 feet.
1311: FLYER 1 flight handed to ZNY-Williamsport «338.3» and check in at 10000's a flight of two.
(They're coming your way again Dave...probably to the Duke. Low altitude on this flight...fading fast.)
1318: F-16 flight off the deck at Andrews...with TRACON 348.725. Callsign BULLY 1
1321: BULLY 1 flight handed to ZDC-Calvert «281.4»
1322: BULLY 1 flight to Pax Approach «305.2»
1324: BULLY 1 flight to Pax BayWatch «354.8» where they check in. (It's a flight of two but haven't heard a peep on a tac freq.) Say they're going to work with a J/FAC- callsign IRON CROSS - so request a discrete freq for their work - here or 270.8. They get 256.5
1324: And here comes another flight climbing out of Andrews with TRACON 348.725. It's an ANGRY flight and their tac freq is 143.6. Flight of two.
1324: And here's the BULLY tac frq ...«139.15»
1327: ANGRY flight handed to ZDC-Calvert «281.4» where they check in and say they're climbing to FL 220.
1328: BULLY contacts J/FAC IRON CROSS on discrete «256.5» They'll work block 15-18,000....but a couple of minutes later say they're established in block 12-15000.
1334: BULLY making contact with the J/FAC and IDs him as being in a van (as he was for this morning's flight.) «256.5»
I've lost the ANGRY flight...yup, lost them. I have no idea where they are.
JUst heard them on tac 143.6 but couldn't copy the transmission through the static.
1346: CADE 1, flight of two A-10s from Willow Grove, calling Philadelphia TRACON «269.25» They are at 6000 feet.
1350: CADE 1 flight to Philly TRACON on «317.55» Now at 8000 feet.
1350: CADE 1 flight to ZDC-Kenton «354.15»
1357: BULLY flight still working 139.15 tac, 256.5 discrete with IRON CROSS at Pax Vienna Range.
1359: Have an aircraft identifying as 1194 calling Cherry Point Ops on «305.7» with arrival message...due there on the half hour, is A-1.... has 11 pax, 2 pieces of rolling stock and 1 pallet to offload. Wants parking. (Possibly REACH 1194?)

(Ref below) Dave, conditions were fantastic this morning. I seldom hear them while on the ZOB freqs but they were sounding great there. Now, the VHF band is so noisy that anything even a little weak is lost in the chaff although hearing the CADEs at 6000 feet near Philadelphia isn't too shabby - but that wasn't VHF was it? The CADE flight was loud and clear when with Kenton on 354.15 and then just disappeared. Never heard another word from them.

Continued below if necessary....
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Nov 3, 2005
Hey Tin,
Thanks for the heads up. Sorry I missed this mornings activity in the DUKE. I'm not picking them up very good this afternoon, but it sounds like the FLYERS are doing some air combat maneuvering, every now and then I hear one announce "Fox 2" and "Guns". They're on 301.60.
1407: "Fights On!" And then an immediate "Fox 2!" (Same Voice) I think someone is cheating....(301.60)
1412: "FLYER Break Left!" "Bandit 4 O'Clock".....I think this guy will soon be toast.
1414: "Boom!"....FLYER 1 and 2 Terminate. I'm getting tortured at work and these guys are about 60 miles away having fun dogfighting each other....must be nice :).
1418: They must be done playing around, FLYER just checked in with ZOB-Wayland on 353.85.
1421: Strange, FLYER 1 checks in with ZNY-Williamsport on 338.30 as a flight of two...

I know that there are at least three FLYERS up in the DUKE, I heard FLYER 3 call in when they switched over to the 301.60 freq.

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Apr 10, 2003
Glen Burnie, Maryland
1407: BULLY flight leader tells IRON CROSS J/FAC they have about 20 minutes left. «256.5»
1409: BULLY flight mentions seeing two aircraft just to the west of Vienna (MD). Keeping a lookout. «139.15»
1410: NODAK 1 (F-16 ND-ANG Fargo) with ZDC-Montebello «284.7»
1413: NODAK 1 handed off to ZDC-Irons «360.85» and check in. Appears to be a flight of two.
1421: NODAK flight handed off to Norfolk TRACON (West) «360.6» where they check in to say they're heading for Langley.
This must be the latest F-16 deployment from Fargo arriving at their Detachment 1 at Langley now that the runways are open again. They'll operate under the SPIDER callsign while there. NODAK is their travelling callsign.
1428: BATON 55 (EC-130J, 193rd SOG PA-ANG Harrisburg) to Baton Ops on «395.1» with arrival message....11,700 pounds of fuel expected upon A-3 in the front end for pilot's nav system and A-2 in the back end for trailing wire computer.
1432: and 25 minutes after they said they had 20 minutes left at the range, BULLY flight is still working there although BULLY 1 says he only has one GBU-38 left for ordnance.
1433: Have U/I fighters with Dover Approach on «257.875» (Turns out to be CADE 1 flight)
1434: CADE flight of A-10s with ZNY-Pottstown «278.3»...then say switch to U-11
U-11 for CADE should be freq «397.9» Lehigh Valley App/Dep but I didn't get there in time to possibly hear them.
1434: Now BULLY says they're done at the range and will be heading out. «256.5»
1438: BICEP flight off the deck at Atlantic City on «327.125»
1439: BICEP (F-16 NJ-ANG) with Giant Killer on «255.0» to enter W-107
1439: BULLY flight with SOF «139.9» with mission results ...then over to Pax «281.8» to clear out
1440: BULLY to TRACON «335.5» for approach to Andrews runway 19L
1442: CADE 1 flight reports direct DuPont to Dover Approach «257.875»
1443: CADE flight handed off to Philadelphia TRACON «269.25» where they are leaving 4500 feet for 5000.
1444: BULLY flight to Andrews Tower «349.0» for landing. And touch down at 1447.
And where is the ANGRY flight?
1447: BICEP flight from NJ-ANG using «138.425» for tac while in W-107.
1448: CADE flight with Willow Grove Base Ops on «141.8» as they head home.
1451: CADE flight still fooling around with Phil TRACON...they go to «319.15» and from there to «291.7»
1452: CADE, while with BAse Ops on «141.8» mentions a MAD HOG callsign that might be with the CADEs.
1453: CADE flight asking for approaches to runway 15 if possible from Phil TRACON «291.7»
1453: BICEP flight doing ACM activity on Giant Killer's ops freq «312.3»
1456: CADE leaving 5000 for 3000 feet...still with Philadelphia TRACON «291.7» (Can't believe I'm still hearing these guys.)
1457: I'm 3000 he became too weak to copy «291.7» All I heard was his check in at that altitude and the rest was mud.
1458: ANGRY flight shows up on tac «143.6» and then over to SOF on «139.9» with mission results and to report both are Code 1.

1504: ANGRY flight with TRACON «335.5» requesting entry into the ADIZ and approach to Andrews...leaving 17,500 for 3000 feet. Fuel remainders 1600 and 1800 pounds respectively. (Getting low)
1508: SPAD 51 with Norfolk TRACON «370.925»
1509: ANGRY flight to ADW Tower «349.0» Report 3 miles to the east and heading for 19L
1509: SPAD 51 to Giant Killer on «238.1» heading for area W-386 G-J for mission V-0707. Says they'll be working with PISTOL and MAXIM flights. (SPAD should be Langley F-22A. Neither PISTOL nor MAXIM are on the previous Langley callsign list from before returning home.)
1510: MAD HOG (OA-10 Willow Grove) with ZNY-Middletown «322.4»
1512: ANGRY 1 and 2 report gear down, full stop left «349.0» And they're now done.
1512: MAD HOG going up to 15,000 feet. «322.4»
1515: BOXER 20 (201st AS Andrews) with ACY App «124.6» at 5000 feet and requests runway 24.
1515: MAD HOG handed off to ZNY-Hyper «322.5» 15000 feet
1516: MAD HOG handed off to ZNY-Lancaster «239.05» However...he goes to 230.95 and obviously gets no one...comes back to 322.5 and gets the correct freq...then goes to 239.05 and checks in at 15,000. Take 4 tries to get that message through.
1518: MAD HOG given altitude 11,000 feet by ZNY-Lancaster «239.05»
1519: RIDER 31 with Norfolk TRACON «370.925» climbing out.
1520: RIDER 31 (Langley F-15) to Giant Killer on «238.1» for area W-386. Says he'll be MARSA with a MARLIN and (blocked) flight. (MARLIN is Langley F-15 callsign)
1521: NJ-ANG F-16s on tac «138.875»
1522: Another Langley flight just checked in with Giant Killer but was too weak to copy...must have been MARLIN or the other mentioned by RIDER 31 flight. «238.1»
1523: MAD HOG sent down to 9000 feet by ZNY-Lancaster «239.05»
1524: MARLIN 71 (Langley F-15) checks in as a flight of two with Giant Killer «238.1»
1525: MAD HOG handed off but I messed the freq. «239.05»
1525: Found him....MAD HOG with Philadelphia TRACON «273.575» Checks in at 9000 feet.
1529: U/I aircraft mumbling incohertently on freq «139.75» All I can tell is his callsign ends in 900...the rest is garbage. It appears he's calling someone over and over. He doesn't sound like a fighter so he's probably on the wrong freq....or he should be. Get off my radio! (But he keeps calling)
1535: SPAD 51 to Giant Killer on «238.1» to report RTB in 5 minutes...west of HEELS at 14,000.
1543: OH NO! The mumbler is back on «139.75» and sounding just as badly as earlier.
1545: JOSA 516 has been calling Griffin Command for the past 20 minutes on both «141.55» and «378.1» and has gotten zero replies.
1548: JOSA 516 in the pattern with Approach on «119.3» preparing for landing and never did get Griffin Command.
1553: BADGER 71 with Norfolk TRACON «370.925»...then, Push U-7
1554: BADGER 71 (new Langley callsign...sounds more like F-15s) checks in with Giant Killer on «238.1» as a four ship to work in W-386 G-J and requests higher altitude due to weather. (Adding to Langley callsign list as F-15 call.)
1557: BADGER 71 tells flight to "push channel 15 over 1 AUX" while on «238.1» and off they go. (Didn't try to find them.)
It's looking like we're going to have a bunch of new callsigns for the Langley fighters. I did not add the PISTOL and MAXIM callsigns heard in traffic since I didn't hear the aircraft actually using that callsign.

Enough...that's it for now.
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Apr 10, 2003
Glen Burnie, Maryland
0938: Have a pair of DC-ANG F-16s up on tac 139.15 doing ACM activity and simulating a HUNTRESS control for the activity.
0940: DEEJAY 11 flight (F-22A Langley) with Norfolk TRACON 370.925
0941: DEEJAY 11 flight to Giant Killer on 238.1 to work in the area for the next 20 minutes.
0945: SCARY flight with Pax BayWatch on 270.8 entering the work area...says BULLY flight is already in the area.
0945: AIRGUN 71 (F-15 Langley) with Norfolk TRACON 370.925...then with Giant Killer on 238.1 to enter the work area.
0945: AIRGUN 71 asks Giant Killer about the status of their tanker - OPEC 23 (KC-10A McGuire) «238.1»
0948: KANG 51 (F-15 Langley) to Giant Killer 238.1 to work in the area
0948: The F-16s on 139.15 are the BULLY flight.
0948: The SCARY flight is working with a J/FAC at the Pax Vienna Range using callsign IRON CROSS
0949: The SCARY flight is using 143.15 for tac.
0951: Langley tac freq 315.85 active with F-15s.
0955: Also have a SONIC 81 flight (F-15 Langley) with Giant Killer on 238.1
0956: Langley tac freq 238.825 active (F-22A activity)
0958: And an AXEMAN 1 flight (A-10 MTN) at Pax on 281.8
0959: And Langley tac freq 233.525 active with F-22A
0959: AXEMAN flight of 2 A-10s into VR-1709 at 500 feet, 300 knots on FSS 255.4

1000: COWBOY 21 flight (F-22A Langley) into Giant Killer's area on 238.1 to work with the DEEJAY flight.
1001: BULLY, single ship F-16 from Andrews working IRON CROSS FAC at Pax on 264.55
1002: COWBOY flight changing to Giant Killer's ops freq 346.6 for work.
1004: Another Langley flight _____91 with Norfolk 370.925 and then to Giant Killer on 238.1 to work in the area for the next 30 minutes and he's also looking for OPEC 23 tanker. (Couldn't catch the callsign on either freq)
1006: Langley tac freq 228.175 active. (F-22A activity)
1008: SCARY, flight of two F-16s, entering the airspace to work with IRON CROSS at the Vienna Range. «264.55» Say they have 30 minutes playtime.
1013: JEDI 31 flight (F-22A Langley) into Giant Killer's area on 233.7 to work in area W-72, 1C-F for the next 30 minutes.
NOTE: COWBOY, DEEJAY, JEDI have all been previously identified as F-22A Langley aircraft. Nothing new to add to the callsign list.
1018: SONIC 81 wants to go to the tanker - OPEC 23 and asks Giant Killer for the Mode 3. «238.1»
SONIC may be another F-22A callsign but I don't have quite enough to firmly add it to the list.
1020: SCARY flight mentions seeing two F-18s in their area «143.15»
1022: DARKSTAR (E-3B/C, 965th AACS Tinker AFB OK) calling Giant Killer on 249.8
1024: RAVEN 1 flight of A-10s from MTN with Pax on 270.8 to say they're a flight of two heading for Dover.
1025: DARKSTAR still calling Giant Killer...trying different radios, different joy «238.1/249.8»
1026: DARKSTAR finally makes contact with Giant Killer and his radio promptly stops transmitting. «249.8» Each time he starts to say something, after about two words, the radio just goes dead.
1029: DARKSTAR tries again and has the same problem «249.8»
1029: NACHO 51 flight (F-22A Langley) into Giant Killer's area on 238.1 for work
1030: Air refueling freq 228.0 active
1030: Finally...DARKSTAR tells Giant Killer he's looking for the tanker. «249.8»

Aircraft overload.....Have a couple of Navy fighters (prob F/A-18s) on Pax freq 291.15 saying there are too many aircraft in the area. Says it's not just the number of aircraft, it's the type activity they're doing. Think he's referring to the Andrews F-16s among others. He says it's just not safe to operate in the area anymore and is leaving. I've heard three or four instances of aircraft talking about other aircraft they spot in their operational area at Pax.

Meanwhile, over on Giant Killer's 238.1, one of the Langley flight leaders asks for a listing of all the aircraft and their operational altitudes in W-72 for the same reason. Aircraft overload. In addition to all the Langley flights I've logged, there are others I've missed due to the crush of radio activity across the bands.

1042: Looks like the Andrews F-16s are calling it quits too...BULLY flight with SOF on 139.9 talking about conditions at Pax.
1044: BULLY flight coming home...with Approach on 335.5...wants to do an option if area available, if not he'll do a straight in approach and get out of the way.
1046: BULLY 1 to ADW Tower...says he's 11 to the southeast for a high key. «349.0»
1047: SCARY flight tells IRON CROSS FAC they're going to RTB. 264.55
1047: MILLER 41 flight (F-15 Langley) into Giant Killer's area on 238.1 to work areas G and H.
1048: Langley's tac freq 257.075 active.
1049: SCARY flight to SOF on 139.9 with mission results. Conditions at Pax are hazy which must have contributed to the confusion in that area.
1052: SCARY flight with ZDC-Calvert 281.4 as they head home.
1053: Warren Grove Range active on 283.1 (RAVENs?)
1055: ANGRY flight (Where'd they come from?) with SOF 139.9 and then to Approach 335.5 at 11,000.
1057: SCARY flight with ADW Tower for landing «349.0»
1059: ANGRY flight of F-16s to ADW Tower for landing...13 miles out for initial to runway 1R. «349.0»
1059: SCARY 1 and 2 gear down for full stop landing runway 1R. «349.0»

Radio conditions here are so noisy today that I have to open the squelch to hear some of this Andrews F-16 activity. I've never heard so much noise across the bands. For instance, there is another Andrews F-16 flight I just heard on 143.6 but only if I open the squelch to let in the noise. Our new female jet jockey is on this freq among others with some kind of problem - not serious - and thinks she can do a normal landing. They are also with SOF on 139.9 describing the problem and again I have to open squelch to hear them on this freq. This is all very early in the 1100 hour. Normally, I can hear the Andrews F-16s all the way to the ground upon landing with no problem at all. Today, I'm having trouble even hearing them during their missions up high.

And that's only the first hour. Break time....
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