Stillwater Riot

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Mar 26, 2005
Heard several sets of sirens about 2 this morning, so I reached over and turned the scanner on to hear SWPD and Payne County working a riot with OSU assisting and OHP enroute (unclear if they ever made it or not) they had pretty much all LE in range there, some with riot shields, driving everyone out of the housing addition, and those who didn't live there or leave were arrested. Pretty good listening...they also had a guy with a knife on the Strip up here having a stand off with SWPD, but since they had to go, OSU came and stood there until the guy gave up...then they went to help transport. Not real sure where LoneWolf is in town, but must be out towards the edge because they were having some pretty bad radio comms, must have been using handhelds a lot of the time. The channel was really busy with that many people on it, and they were over each other several times too.

Not open for further replies.