Stream Uptime Monitoring & Transcoder

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Sep 28, 2016
Hey all,

A couple years ago I posted my streaming audio encoder here (Rocket Broadcaster), and received a bunch of useful feedback on it which helped me improve it. I'm not sure if this is useful to the amateur radio community, but since then, I've greatly improved the metadata support including new ways to ingest, added support for more codecs/bitrates, and added streaming support for the Shoutcast 2 protocol.

What might be more interesting to you all is my new service,, which provides free stream uptime monitoring and alerting. If you care about the reliability of your streams and being off-air, then this is for you. Anyone can monitor up to 1 stream for free, and I've thrown together some plans if you need to monitor more streams. As before, any feedback or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. My goal is to create infrastructure that simplifies streaming online and helps broadcasters improve their streaming operations.

I'm also working on a custom built Cloud Transcoder and streaming server. I'm know many of you have an apprehension or even disdain for cloud services (your skepticism is warranted), but I'm hoping to make the cloud transcoder super easy to use for those times when you just need a stream converted to another format or protocol, and want it to "just work" without any fuss. Lastly, I'm hoping to position the streaming server as an alternative to Icecast and Shoutcast, but with some extra convenience features. If anyone has any suggestions for features they'd like to see in either, I'd love to hear them!

Not open for further replies.