Streaming apps for Droid, IPhone, ect.

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Jul 22, 2002
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It would be useful if we could collect the apps that have been proven to work with the various RR Live Audio feeds in a single spot, along with any instructions - even if it's just pointing to the RR Mobile site and logging in.

This is the sort of stuff that can go into the wiki - I don't have the latest newsletter, but I understand there were a few apps listed there. The Live Audio page can be used to house this information...

Live Audio - The RadioReference Wiki

You can easily create a new page for each app, or a new single page with the links and other information. It may be necessary at some point to make a single page per app - but let's get them listed first, along with any instructions (beyond the usual RR mobile site/login - which should be mentioned too, since it's not immediately apparent). Be sure to list where you got the app as well.

73 Mike
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