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Streaming audio to your Pocket PC

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Jun 28, 2006
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I did a couple of searches here and didn't see this mentioned anywhere.

With all the WiFi hotspots around, and having WiFi at home, I wanted a way to listen to my scanner stream on my Pocket PC.

Here's how I figured out how to listen to my SLOweather fire scanner stream on my PDA. I'm using ShoutCast to stream the scanner audio.

I have a Dell Axim X51v with built-in wireless. On it, I installed the free GSplayer from http://hp.vector.co.jp/authors/VA032810/, and then followed the instructions from About.com at http://palmtops.about.com/od/pocketpclearningcente1/ss/StreamingPPC_3.htm?terms=gsplayer+streaming

to set GSplayer up to play streaming audio.

Then, either click on a stream URL in Internet Explorer, or enter it into GSplayer, and, assuming your wireless is connected, it plays. GSplayer can even be set up to map the PDA buttons to other functions when it's open. I set up the upper and lower joypad buttons to control volume.

The only downside so far is that GSplayer will play MP3 streams, but not AAC+.

And here's a bonus if you read this far. A lot of the current PDAs are designed to use as a phone. On my Axim, the mic is in the top left corner, and the speaker is at the bottom, behind the joy pad, so holding it up to your face inverted puts those in the right location for the unit to be used as a phone.

And there's a Skype client for Pocket PC. So now, my Axim is an Internet phone as well as a scanner.
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