Streaming & Virtual Control from Same Device


Dec 14, 2004
I'm looking to stream one scanner to the internet and virtually control a separate scanner from an Android phone. Is it possible to do this on one mini pc? Mind you, I'm very new to mini pc's and at the very beginning stages of research on them. I'm curious about available memory, ports, etc. I've read about several people running multiple versions of a streaming software but I'm unfamiliar with what resources are required to run a virtual controlled scanner and if it will cause issues with fluid streaming and vice versa.

Being that it appears most virtual control options need a Windows OS installed, the Rasberry Pi is not an option (for VC). Pi is a nice option because of cost but it has limitations. I'm trying to keep this as cost effective as possible. Ideally, in the $150 range but under $200. If this isn't doable, what is my next best option?