studying for my extra exam..

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Jan 4, 2005
INDIANA Grid # EM68ji
I have been studying for my extra exam, and some of the formulas are tough. I was never really good at math in school, and now i wish i had paid more attention then. I am getting the hang of them, but i still need alot more studying. I plan to hopefully take it in April. Me and my wife Mary (KC9LKS) got our technicians license in April of this last year, and i upgraded in September. We don't have a HF radio right now, but plan to hopefully have one in the next year or so. We are registered members of ARES, OCARC, and are storm spotters. If i knew how much fun Ham radio is, i would have thrown my CB radio away along time ago, and went to ham then. Our club we are members of have a Net check in every sunday night at 7:30 edt on 147.045 + with no PL. If you use echolink, you can use the repeater on node # 16002. The KB9OHY repeater is in Paoli Indiana. All are welcome.
Not open for further replies.