Stumpedon Setup/Import Issue w/ PSR-800

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May 15, 2003
Windsor County, VT
So I am liking my new PSR-800 so coming from a BC-396T and Butel SW. Not new to scanning by any means, but am still getting stumped on how to set up certain aspects of this radio with EZscan.

I have created a bunch of Scanlists from the follows:

Hometown All
Hometown FDEMS
Hometown PD
Nearbytown#1 FDEMS
Nearbytown#2 PD

...that took me a while to get the grips with...when I would import the Hometown a second time in order to set up a Scanlist that had just the FD EMS enabled, it would empty the Scanlist I had just imported 'all' imported. A little gudiance from 'fmon' and I gathered I had to import it just once and then go to that SCanlist and select the channels I also wanted to live in the other Scanlist and assign them to BOTH Scanlists....OK, I get that I think.

But now I want to import Connecticut State Police into a Scanlist so I can listen to just the local sites and the local Troop, 'G' in my case. I figured I'd make another scanlist that had all the sites and Troop TGIDs active in it for when I travel or when I want to hear the whole of CSP as available. I import into Scanlist06 JUST the two Sites I want and all the TGIDs and figure I will will delete the TGIDs in the Scanlist.
Then I import ALL the sites into Scanlist 07, but again doing that deletes everything in SL06.
OK, so I can do what I had to do for my hometown, but with control channels/frequencies in general not shown in the Scanlists tab, it seems to me that if I do edit and in the far right column tell every line of the ALL SITES< ALL TGIDs Scanlist that yes, you are in the Troop 'G' scanlist too, I am defeating the that case my SL06 that would have had just the control channels and freqs for the two local SITES and TGIDs for the local Troop, will end up having all the freqs of every site to scan along with all the TGIDs until I go delete them.

Stumped...may be I just have to do it the last way above?

I was going to move on to NYFD and import all FD and EMS and then import one that was just Manhattan FD and EMS..I guess in reality I have to import a whole OBJECT? The NYFD All Freqs and keep all of that and then go to that Scanlist and assign just the freqs/alphas I am interested in for my SL 'Manh FD EMS' and then do that again for "NYFD Bronx" SL??

So if SL100 has all of NYFD, I go to it and assign the Manhattan freqs to SL100 *AND* SL101 that will be my Manhattan only NYFD?

Am I getting close? If someone can offer some input I will appreciate it. I'd also be open to hearing about it on Skype or by phone if that's easier as it seems complex to me....probably just suffering with a big paradigm shift after having Pro-2006 with Scancat, then various Uniden handhelds, then BC396T and Butel and the HomePatrol.

Appreciate getting clued in a little here.

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