Submissions reminder - DMR/NXDN et al

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Database Admin
Database Admin
Aug 23, 2002
We have had several local users recently submit information from other websites, FCC database or third parties that have not been verified as accurate or even being used.

AS A REMINDER any information that is submitted to the database is to be verified by the submitter for accuracy. It is perfectly acceptable to troll the FCC database to discover new stuff, but it must be verified "on the air" of what it is, and it is used for.

I have had several that someone submitted "155.055 WABC1234 is the Town of Ellington". When asked what it is (police/fire/trash trucks) I got "Well, its licensed to the town so it must be DPW". That is not acceptable.

Information from another website is not permitted by policy. This avoids copyright/IP issues and we have a good relationship with those websites, and would like to keep it that way. Cut/pasting from personal websites that are not yours, is also not permitted (and usually out of date). I had a submission from a person who did just this, and the website had not been updated since 1997 submitting CSP lowband channels.

Information that I will consider accurate that have not been verified on air would be official templates, memo's etc. Feel free to email me this information anon or use the submission tab and click "anon".

The more information the better to properly catalog and change information on our backend. Please reply to questions to the submissions that need clarification. I will reject incomplete or vague submissions if follow up information is not supplied. Users that consistently submit false/suspect/or incomplete data can be giver a poor or rejected rating per submission. The software will evaluate these submissions over an avareage and if that average gets below a threshold you will not be able to submit data. This is maybe 0.000001% of our total user base. Most of it is due to spammers or people who cannot follow the guidelines. Please don't be part of that percentage!

Speaking of submission tabs, please use the one for the county or agency that needs updating. Click on the correct county on the map, let the page load. Then click on "Submit". Some of the business and agency pages will have its on. Do NOT use the tab on the state page unless one of those agencies is listed. The DB software routes the submission to the correct category and makes things easier for us to add/modify information. No one wants to hunt thru thousands of listings to find the correct category.

DMR/NXDN: Please include as much information as possible. This includes (DMR)Talkgroup, Color code, slot. Please verify if its a conventional channel or one of the various trunked DMR channels. It makes a big difference on how we list in in the database. In one state there are seven conventional DMR channels however its actually a Capacity Plus System.

Same for NXDN - RAN codes are a plus.

As scanner manufacturers are starting to support these systems, those who use DB aware scanners/software will have a miserable scanning experience as the information will not be accurate or scanning the wrong information/system type.

DSD is a good package to see what is going on vs scanner "discovery" modes. You get more concrete information from DSD style software packages/analyzers.

HAM Submissions
Not all DB admins are hams, and they do not know "Splits". The ham database allows us to put in repeater input and output freq's AND PL codes. Some repeaters use different PL in/outs. Be specific. Make sure you specific which is the repeater input and output freq. Also include the nearest town/city so that people from outside the area have an idea on where they are located. Bob's Hill most likely will not show up on a map, but Killingworth does. If it is part of an ARC, go ahead and include that or IRLP/EchoLink information. Only so much fits, but we do the best we can do before the description field gets to look stupid.

Any questions, feel free to PM me.
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