Suffolk County system


Apr 15, 2019
Kings Park, NY
Hey everyone,
I’ve been posting a lot lately just to try and get some feedback from everyone who is scanning on the Suffolk County system. I’m using my RadioShack pro-18 but a lot of the times I get simulcast or overload when I’m driving and think it’s because this model of the radioshack scanner is known to desense worse than other scanner. Main question is if you are monitoring the Suffolk county type 2 system what kind of handheld scanner are you using and does it work well in your car without any kind of simulcast or overload? Trying to see if my radio is the problem here or something else with a little bit of trial and error. If some of you could kindly tell me what you are using and how it performs I would appreciate that.


New York DB Admin
Database Admin
Mar 2, 2004
Long Island, NY
I took my TRX-1, BCD436HP, SDS100 and G5 to my office up in Huntington to try out the different scanners in a simulcast environment.

The TRX-1 missed most of the calls. The BCD436HP received most of them.
The SDS100 and the G5 received most if not all of the calls that I could tell (I wasn't comparing with UniTrunker or DSD Plus)

Depending on where you are, and especially when driving, the Simulcast in the new Suffolk system will be an issue for scanners and radios that cannot handle that type of environment.