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Sep 3, 2023
I’m looking at setting up a remote station. The site already has an existing tower, previously used for a TV antenna. The TV antenna cable coax has been cut, but the tower is in good shape.

Can I use this tower to set up an HF antenna, and if so, does anyone have any recommendations?

My experience to date has only been with 100 watts using a pole-mounted vertical antenna. I’m very hesitant to climb this tower because it is quite tall (above the tree line.) Even if I could use it, I’m not sure how I’d put up the antenna because the tower does not tip or come down. It was professionally cemented in place about 40 years ago.


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Jul 27, 2005
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40 year old tower with questionable/unknown maintenance is a red flag to me. I would not climb that without a very careful assessment and even then I might wave off on it.
Unless you have tower climbing training and all the right equipment, you shouldn't climb it either.

As for if it'll support an HF antenna, without knowing all the specific specifications of the tower itself, condition, specifics of the HF antenna, I don't think anyone here could give you accurate/trustworthy advice on that.

If you wanted to rent a lift so you don't have to climb it, you might use it for supporting a dipole. But you'd really want a professional to look at the tower and make sure its in good condition and if the manufacturer specs would say it would support the antenna you want to install.

Just way too many questions with a 40 year old tower that you don't have any history on. Too many things that can go wrong and way too easy to get hurt/killed trying to climb it.

If you really want a tower, have a professional come and remove that one. Install a new tower that meets your specifications.


Oct 14, 2015
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There is a third option, Most areas have structural engineers - and assessing the viability of aluminium or steel galvanised structures won't tax them. The only thing that would make me think would simply be if I could climb safely. Between 1980 and 2000 I climbed loads of very large towers and was pretty clued up and safe. Would I now do it? Probably not - mainly because I'm just not as fit and strong as I was. However - the local radio ham club probably have people who would climb it for you. Once the tower has been inspected, then I'd probably use it. They can often take surprising head loads, but you don't know. Loads of self-supporting towers have big arrays on top, fitted with jin poles and ropes - it can be done, but mmckenna is dead right - don;t climb any tower unless it's safe, and while I suspect I could still determine that, I really wouldn't be the right person to climb it?