Summer Action in Portland

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Mar 12, 2004
This board has been dead this past week. Maybe this will liven things up.

As the 4th of July approaches, runs seem to increase and some are
rather bizarre (like a houseboat drifting down the Columbia river and
someone jumping off a bridge with a rope around his neck, etc.)
Here are a few I've caught in 4 days.

June 25 - This first one was pretty routine. An apartment fire in
adjacent Gresham with Portland companies participating. (Engs 2, 30,
31 & Truck 2).
The Probies from training (Station 2) masking up before starting

June 26, 07:15 Train wreck with 36 cars derailed. Some cars were on
bridges over I-84 and I-205 and it was feared the lumber could fall
onto the highways, so they were both closed.
This shot is looking east. More derailed cars are behind me, looking

Chief Bray was in Command.

June 26 around 1300 a crane hit a 115,000 volt line. According to
other workers, there were several explosions, one that blew the door
off a large electrical vault up on the crane (just to the right of
the center of the structure). The operator was not injured, but
rather shaken up. When the power was shut off, two members of Squad 1
(Heavy Rescue), climbed up to evaluate his condition and accompany
him down.

June 27 on I-84. A young lady anticipating a seizure, stop in the
high speed lane. The 2 police officers called for an ambulance and
Rescue 19. There are seizures and there are seizures. This was a
SEIZURE. She was in and out of consciousness and had to be dragged
out of the car. When conscious, she was extremely violent. It took
the two cops and an R-19 member to hold her down while the ambulance
crew tied her down. It took nearly 10 minutes to finally restrain

June 28. The temperature had been increasing daily and while dead on
100, we had a call for a sprinkler alarm. It was a large Chinese
restaurant in a small mall and a head had broken in the kitchen. The
workers were all running around and of course nobody had a key to the
sprinkler room so we had to force the door. Someone mentioned
something about a Chinese fire drill. LOL
All in all an interesting few days.
Not open for further replies.