Super Bowl Live Feed?

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Dec 19, 2002
Ft. Lauderdale, FL, U.S.A.
Will any of the live feeds carry Super Bowl communications?
I can't promise anything substantial, but there have been occasional communications on the Broward County trunked system that I stream. It has been escorts of teams and officials between the stadium and their hotels.

Although the stadium is in Dade County, it sits right on the Dade/Broward line and some are staying in Miami while others are staying in Fort Lauderdale. So BSO (Broward Sheriff's Office) provides escort services for some of them and usually can be heard on talkgroup 14G.

Since my Wild Feed scans Fort Lauderdale police and BSO Oakland Park there is no guarantee you won't miss anything, but I find it to be rather mundane stuff, just lane changes and "we're taking the next exit" kind of stuff.

They also have a patch between a Dade County special events channel used at the stadium and Broward 14H. That might turn out to be the most interesting thing that I can hear up here in Lauderdale.

I host my own feeds. All the info is on my Trackstreamer blog in my signature.

Hope this helps.
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