Super Nooob here with a pro197

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Sep 21, 2011
San Diego
Well just to get the gist of it out.
I have so far maneged to loose all my virtual data stored in the unit, update firm ware to 1.9, install win500, contributed to the forum with the minimum donation. With the following results.

I stand totally bewildered to what it did, cant make heads or tails from the win500 program. so so many check boxes bla bla bla. I have managed to do some searches on some files and uploaded and erased and back and forward.

And to boot the audio is faltering and it needs a good swack and we are back in business.

This is what I would like to get resolved
1. To restore the virtual programs or to better ones
2. I would like is to get a win500 file that I can just set the settings to north San Diego county.
3. get a better understanding of the menu layout,

I have read the tutorials and the manual. It seams that getting good clone file or a set up that is tested tried and true. If I go to the manual rout it will negate the WIN500 settings or???

My set up is an RS outdoor roof discone antenna rg8x cable to straight to the scanner. prior to my over meddling I thought I was getting PD in Venice or in Los Angeles. since they where sounding off streets like Lincoln Blvd/ Venice west of La cienega. so I don't think there are streets in San D that have those names.
but after my screw up I cant get those stations anymore (part of the vertual data base)... and what is worse when the station goes trunking big T it goes silent.
4. Trunking codes and how to apply them with one single swoop.
Yes you say dream on but I can try...

Thanks everyone
Not open for further replies.