Jun 21, 2021
VERY cool. No pun intended. I spent a month in Iceland in the dead of winter. It was definitely an experience! Got some fantastic aurora pics, saw more than a few marriage proposals, and had the weirdest hot dogs...


Sep 2, 2012
One thing that does not encourage taking an HF radio with us is that auroras and M/HF radio don't mix well --But there does seem to be a radio club in Longyearbyen, where we will be staying, and maybe if we run across any 2 metre activity we will try to visit the locals.
I have no real agenda- my life seems to run smoother that way :).

While the Auroras' effect on MW/SW may be true, MW DXers in the far north of Finland, Sweden and Norway seem to do OK. So it may depend on the strength of it. Not living in Aurora territory, I wouldn't know. I am aware, however, of 'auroral' MW conditions, living in the northern tier of states. Kills the regionals, and signals from the southern regions (California, Nevada, Arizona, Mexico, etc.) come in well. But that's the effect of the auroral radio zone on the middle latitudes, I'm sure it is probably quite different at 70-80 degrees north.

That said, the idea of going so far north in the winter seems like a cool idea. I.e., really getting to understand how the locals deal with it. :) That abandoned Russian mining camp also looks interesting. I understand it is like a ghost town, with few scientists as inhabitants.
Jun 13, 2018
The Intermountain West
There is no gainsaying that radio communications in the arctic is fraught with pitfalls. As any ham knows, when the geomagnetic indices are up its a good time go read a book, for everything is getting wiped out.

Having tried on many occasions to rely on HF communications in polar regions I can attest first hand to the fun auroras play'd with our circuits.
During the last Cold War the US Air Force recognized these limitation when they went the 900 MHz troposcatter route for the DEW and BMEWS sites**

"White Alice" it was called (love that name, btw,) and expensive it was !!
But it connected the far north reliably in those days before satellites and fiber optics.


Often having cursed the auroras for their radio mayhem, this trip I am going to put aside my hobby and just enjoy the auroral beauty.
My father, a retired Air Force meteorologist who for many years as the commander of the weather squadron at Andrews AFB used to dread and curse blizzard havoc's on their forecasts --
He said, shortly after his retirement while watching the snow fall during a frosty storm :

"You know, Snow !-- it really is quite pretty !"

I am going to follow his example.



Happy Thanks Giving Guys !


** Distant Early Warning ....Ballistic Missile Early Warning System,....