SW Weld (WCRs 13 & 26) Water Main Break

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Apr 4, 2004
Slightly NE of the People's Republic of Firestone
At approximately 00:25 hrs there was a call into Dispatch from an officer that there had been a major water main break at the intersection of WCR 13 & WCR 26. In his words a bit later on, "There's a hole big enough to drop a truck into!" Water is apparently flowing NE to ENE from the break and at least one resident in the area has been evacuated from their home because of flooding. There was also some sort of truck that may have been involved that the officer noted just after calling this in. There was some concern that it might be possible that there could be some in the hole though a bit later this turned out to not be the case.

As of now, 01:43, Firestone PW is proceding block WCR 13 to the South approximately ½ mile and just a bit South of the intersection of WCR 13 & WCR 28. Also, they are now trying to figure out whether and how to evacuate/rescue some horses on a small rise in one of the flooded properties to the NE / ENE of the break.

Both Weld R&B and Weld Central Water have been notified and are sending personel, an hopefully *some* equipment, to the scene. According to last conversations heard the water people now have at least one person on scene and he is trying to get the water shut off though it may take around 30 - 45 minutes. R&B isn't yet on scene and isn't expected for at least another 35 - 50 minutes.
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