Unitrunker System (Not) decoding puzzle

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Dec 19, 2002
Milwaukee, Wi

Once again I am seeking knowledge from people smarter than myself. I have been using UniTrunker (UT) to monitor my county's 800MHz P25 Phase 1 system since August and there had been no issues. Last night, I had to uninstall a different program from my computer which required the computer to be re-booted. Once I got everything up and running again, UT would no longer track the system. UT did track a different 800MHz analog system with no problem. It would also track a few of the other 800MHz phase 1 control channels near my location. To make matters even more bizarre, I fired up UT on my laptop and it tracked my county's system with no problem. I am baffled as to what the problem could be. The version of UT I am using is I made sure that the county system is still a phase 1.

Other things I have tried with no luck:

* Re-Installing UniTrunker
* Putting the UT version from the laptop on the PC via thumb drive
* Using audio different cords between radio + computer
* Using a different radio that also works with UT

Anyone have any other suggestions that I could try.

Not open for further replies.