Tabletop Shack Setup


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Jul 4, 2013
Ocean County, NJ
My tabletop setup is officially complete. After months of indecision, I decided to spend the remainder of my stimulus check on an SDS200 with a DMR upgrade. I have officially used my entire stimulus check at ScannerMaster.

I wasn't having any decode issues with the BCD996P2, but I figured it would be best to learn the SDS200. With this setup, I shouldn't have to buy another radio for a long time.

Here's my configuration:

SDS200: Monitors NJICS, USAF-Joint Base McGuire, First Energy, NJNG, New Jersey Turnpike, and various township trunking systems (DMR and P2). Going to setup a custom system with DMR single-active freqs that ignores analog freqs.

BCT15X: Monitors all active analog channels. I weeded out all of the non-active RRDB listed channels in my area and this scanner zips through the available 60ish analog channels in a few seconds.

BCD996XT: Monitors the NJ State Police full time.

BCD996P2: Monitors the Ocean County 500 and 700Mhz systems full time. Can also back up the NJICS if needed.