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Tactical Feature Set Possibilities

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Jan 5, 2013
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Hello Everyone,

Quick question for the people in the know out there.

Motorola has Front Panel Programmable capability on practically every radio released in the 21st century so why has no one else followed in their shoes? The only other equipment that can do "VFO" type operating is amateur gear and very few select commercial gear.

So the question is will Kenwood expand the ability for their tactical feature set to be used on most of their radios? Specifically their NXDN and P25 Radios.



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Dec 5, 2008
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Actually Kenwood had other models that could be programmed through the front panel but the process was so convoluted is was easier to just do it with a computer. The Tactical Feature Set allowed the FPP to be customized through the software and made much simpler to manipulate. However TFS was only designed for authorized users. FCC part 90 certification forbids the ability for the casual user to modify the programming contents and that is why all FPP can be disabled by programming software.


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Jul 27, 2005
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I've got a Kenwood TK-5210 and it does FPP.
I don't think my NX-900 mobiles have it, nor does my NX-410, but I've never tried.

My older TK-290 has it, too.

Some of my older Icom's I used to own had it, too, but it was a PITA to use.

Many radios have it, it's just not documented in such a way that it's well known. Searching the service manuals will give you a pretty good idea. Web searches may not be your best source of information.

As Ramal said, it's often easier to just whip out the PC and just reprogram it. The FPP functions don't always give you access to all the settings, mainly the alpha/numeric display settings.
Also, the newer radios have so much memory, that just programming everything in ahead of time is an easy way around this. Back when radios only had 16 channels, this was a big deal, but now that some of my radios have over 1000 memories, it's not such a big deal to set up a number of zones with all the various stuff ahead of time.

If you wanted to really get down to the details, the FCC doesn't want the average Joe radio user programming his/her own radio. That is why this stuff is usually hidden in the service manual, or at least comes with a stern warning about not activating it for unauthorized users. But honestly, with so many of us being Hams as well, it's a really handy function.
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