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Jan 30, 2003
allen co.
I've been into scanning since the 60's and recently jumped into the digital world by
purchasing a GRE-600 .Inorder to listen to the OHIO MARCS system here in Allen Co. Ohio, I have loaded the six freq's listed on this Great RR site relateing to Allen Co.
I am running with the " wild-card "configuration at this time and am suprised at the distant coverage I'm receiving with only the set top antenna, altho I am only a couple of miles from the MARCS antenna site.
I have some questions :
If the local Sheriff uses their MARCS radios ,will their transmissions always go thru the local tower or should I load their talkgroup ( 62608 ) into the same object as above.
If I understand the " wild-card " concept I should hear everything ,except data of course,
going thru the local tower.
I seem to envision the MARCS system as similar to the Cell-phone use of tower linkage.

Can the MARCS radios be used in a Talk-around config. , not utilizing the tower, in other words locally car-to-car ?

I apologise for the long ramble but some of these new concepts are hard on an 80yr old mind.

Thanks for listening!

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