Tecsun Tecsun PL-680 major annoyance/bug in SSB mode


May 29, 2023
Hi all,

I have a PL-680 and have noticed a bug: In certain circumstances, the radio seems to go into AM Sync mode instead of SSB, when SSB is selected. For example, when starting it with SSB already selected, or when cycling saved frequencies that are configured as SSB.

The radio shows SSB mode on the display but it clearly sounds like AM sync mode.

SSB operation can be restored by switching it to AM and then SSB, but if you do this when the radio is in "memory tuning" mode, it will switch back to frequency tuning. This makes the memory feature very annoying to use if you want to save SSB frequencies.

Is this a known bug or is my radio defective? Is it possible to update the firmware if this is a bug?