Teens Arrested in Early Morning School Burglary

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News Release

Teens Arrested in Early Morning School Burglary​

March 31, 2010

At about 3:50 am, Lakewood police were called to Stein Elementary School located at 80 S. Teller St. Security officers from Jefferson County Public Schools were on scene and believed there were unauthorized people inside the school.

Several Lakewood agents including a K9 unit responded to the school and setup a perimeter. Agents could see lights being turned on and off and heard noises from inside. A short time later two suspects came out of the school, were confronted by agents and ran from the area. A brief foot pursuit took place however both suspects were taken into custody a few blocks from the school.

Detectives are currently attempting to locate a third suspect who they believe participated in the burglary. Once agents entered the school, they found extensive damage initially estimated to be in excess of $20,000. The damage consisted of broken windows, damaged furniture, computers and equipment, including musical instruments.

Those taken into custody were identified as Lee David Abeyta (12-22-91) and Elvis Blackelk Vigil (04-03-91) both are eighteen years of age.

Abeyta and Vigil were booked at the Lakewood Police Department and then transferred to the Jefferson County Jail. They face charges of second and third degree burglary, second degree trespass, criminal mischief and conspiracy to commit a felony, all of which are felony charges. Additional charges are likely as the investigation continues.

Attachments: Mug shots of Abeyta and Vigil.


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