TETRA Findings - 12-2019

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May 15, 2003
Hi all,

I spent a week in the beautiful country of Australia and stopped at Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney during the month of December. Below are some of the frequency logs I have captured and verified via ACMA. I am holding off on submitting the Zeon network information to the DB since I understand it is about to be shutdown (if it hasn't already) by Motorola Solutions and be converted over to ORION network. Anyway the information is here for historical purposes.

Here are some notable findings:
The new Sydney Light Rail L2 is operating on a TETRA system in UHF band. It seems like two sites are active. very heavy usage of data and SDS messaging (probably for onboard telemetry). Limited voice comms. Mixed of Sepura and Motorola handsets

Crown Casino Melbourne is operating a three carrier TETRA system in 800 MHz band.

The Zeon network at Sydney still has a number of active users on all sites, especially LA 2. The Zeon network at Melbourne are all quiet with no traffic.

CityMCCMNCLAMain_Carrier_FreqMain_Carrier_NumberUserLocationNeighbor CellTCCH
Sydney505381465.44375ALTRAC LIGHT RAIL 1 - SYDNEY TRAMSurry Hills2467.44375
Sydney505382463.31875ALTRAC LIGHT RAIL 1 - SYDNEY TRAMSurry Hills1463.59375
Sydney50591865.46250ZEON NETWORK - MSILidcombe
Sydney50592865.41250ZEON NETWORK - MSIGovernor Phillip Tower865.7375866.4125866.7375867.4125867.7375868.4125869.4125
Sydney50593868.51250ZEON NETWORK - MSIAAP Centre Cnr865.5125869.5125
Sydney50594865.61250ZEON NETWORK - MSIArncliffe NSW865.1625866.1625866.6125867.6125868.1625868.6125
Sydney50595865.28750ZEON NETWORK - MSIHorsley Park NSW
Sydney50596865.18750ZEON NETWORK - MSIDural NSW867.1875868.1875
Sydney505910865.48750ZEON NETWORK - MSIIngleside NSW
Sydney505912865.78750ZEON NETWORK - MSIRazorback Range NSW
Sydney505917867.88750ZEON NETWORK - MSIQuakers Hills NSW
Sydney505920865.08750ZEON NETWORK - MSIMadden Plains NSW
Sydney505925865.86250ZEON NETWORK - MSIHurtsville NSW
Sydney505943868.71250ZEON NETWORK - MSISydney Airport 866.7125867.7125
Melbourne50592865.61250ZEON NETWORK - MSI120 Collins Street865.9125866.6125866.9125866.9125867.6125867.9125868.9125869.9125
Melbourne50593865.58750ZEON NETWORK - MSI525 Collins Street 865.3875866.3875866.5875867.3875867.5875868.5875869.5875
Melbourne50597865.86250ZEON NETWORK - MSIMelbourne Airport 866.8625867.8625868.8625
Melbourne5058011868.18750Crown Casino866.9375869.1875


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Sep 10, 2014
Western Australia
Zeon is alive and kicking around the country, the end of 2019 must of been to ambitious deadline for mother M for shutdown ,

Many new Orion site frequencies have been licensed but a majority are not active / in use as yet.

And I guess the virus didn't help business
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