Texas 154.025 P25 and Analog


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Dec 19, 2002
Arlington, TX
It looks like we are having a little bit of propagation this morning that I'm guessing may be a sign of tropospheric ducting due to the cool front making its way into northern Texas today and tomorrow.

I am definitely receiving Milam County SO which uses a NAC of 403. I'm in Fort Worth and it's about 150 miles away give or take.

There is another analog user that I'm not sure who it is. I've heard them off and on over the last year to year and a half and they use a DCS of 165. Anybody know who this might be? It's definitely not listed with any of the confirmed rr.com users and I've looked in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana also.

Signal strength is going back and forth and has been over the last hour but I'm still getting clear transmissions at times. I've also confirmed Rockport PD on this frequency somewhere in the last year or two but this is not their tone or NAC. I just thought I'd mention this in case anybody wants to listen or maybe can help confirm who the analog user might be?