?TG: 40512 - Site 3 - UCAN

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Aug 2, 2004
South Jordan, Utah
TG: 40512 is one that is on my watchlist for this month.

I have recorder over an hour of audio and have been able to determine this is an Airport Ops Channel. I believe it is for the Wendover Airport, but have not confirmed. They mentioned the Peppermill and also gave a phone number to "a guy from the city". When I do a reverse lookup on the number it shows to Wendover.

Here is some of the traffic I have copied:
Do you want group power hooked up?
We will pull the stairs out about 10 feet
I just checked Flight Tracker, The aircraft in from Washington is about an hour out
Do you have the small oil pan down there?
N8Z68S 6.9 gallons
I will be escorting a white van down the ramp to the fire station
Can I get somebody to open the side gate
2 visitors going to hanger 2 and back
Lunch has been delivered
Do you guys have water there at ops, there is no water here at the fire station
What are they going to be doing out on south base, just working or will they be shooting
Information on the aircraft that is parked on teh runway
The guys from peppermill are here to pick up the luggage
One visitor to the conair plane
The plane will depart at 12:00 on Sunday
I am by ops going to the fire station
Can you go let that guy know that he is not on the access road
Can you come up to ops for a second, elroy is here.
435-240-0137 (Listed to Wendover)
Grand crew, TSA will not require an inspection of the aircraft
3 additional checked bags, 3 additional checked bags
I dont know if he will call the oncall number or the ops number but it will be about the sewer hookup
Is it going to be avgas or jet-a?
Is there somebody else out here in South Bay?
There are no specials to night but there are several elderly people, you might want a few wheel chairs. They will be here at 6:50.
Sky Research is ready for Jet A when you can fill them


Silent Key
Jul 25, 2005
Kearns, Utah
From the comms you have listed it certainly sounds like airport traffic. All I can tell you is that my dusty list of old TGs has this one listed as Tooele/Wendover Ch. 8.

I'm not sure if radio traffic from Wendover would affiliate on UCAN site 3, but there is an active airport in Wendover as well.


Oct 5, 2007
Helper, UT
I've been listening to this on Nelson Peak for the past few weeks and have copied several airport traffic comms related to refueling, coordinating with ground crews, restocking food/beverages for flights and also from time to time the fire department.


Dec 19, 2002
Eagle Mountain, UT
This would make sense since Wendover Airport does bring in the high rollers to the Nevada side for an evening or weekend of gaming fun! Besides since Wendover PD went kaput on 1/1/08 has anyone copied any traffic on the old Wendover PD TG (40480)? Tooele County SO took over PD duties for the Utah side and I was wondering if the contract deputies were using that TG instead of their usual one (40064).


Jan 12, 2008
Philipsburg, Montana
I have not seen much traffic on 40480 either anymore 40064 and as far as 40512 i do not pick up that TG group in my Tooele bank. I have site 31,32,30,29,20 programed it that bank so i don't know what I should put in there to pick them up.
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