Thank god some devs have a sense of humor


Mar 14, 2004
I just want to thank Pete Batard and the crew behind Zadig for this...
// Messages that appear in our progress bar as time passes
static const char* progress_message[] = {
    "Installation can take some time...",
    "The installation process can take up to 5 minutes...",
    "You may also be asked to reboot for KMDF upgrades.",
    "If so, please watch for additional popup windows.",    // 1 min
    "The reason driver installation may take time...",
    " because a System Restore point is created.",
    "Microsoft offers no means of checking progress...",
    " we can't say how long it'll take...",            // 2 mins
    "Please continue to be patient...",
    "There's a 5 minute timeout eventually...",
    " if there's a problem, the process will abort.",
    "I've really seen an installation take 5 minutes...",    // 3 mins
    "...on a Vista 64 machine with a very large disk.",
    "So how was your day...",
    "...before it got ruined by this endless installation?",
    "Seriously, what is taking this process so long?!",        // 4 mins
    "Aborting in 45 seconds...",
    "Aborting in 30 seconds...",
    "Aborting in 15 seconds...",
four minutes in to an intentionally wedged driver install and I'm furiously looking thru libwdi's sourcecode to find what is coming next...


Apr 26, 2020
Lafayette County, FL
I normally just end up writing a bunch of cuss words in the comments of my programs when I can't figure something out, and have to remember to go back later on and delete them before I push something to github