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The blackberry 7130e mini review

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May 30, 2004
Westfield, Indiana
Anyone own the Blackberry 7130e? Let me highly recommend this device. I just upgraded from the 7250 (http://www.discoverblackberry.com/devices/device-detail.jsp?navId=H0,C65,P75) and the 7130 is quite an upgrade.


- Bluetooth (though, the 7250 also has bluetooth)
- Speaker phone
- Size is perfect...not too large (as in the 7250) and not too small
- 65,000 color high resolution display (awesome color and clarity)
- SureType technology.
- MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) for combining text, images, and audio on a single message.
- Browser and email client perform very fast on Verizon's EV-DO high-speed network.
- Good battery life.


- I haven't found a con yet...maybe the lack of voice recognition/commands?

Anyway, for those who use Verizon, Sprint, ALLTEL, U.S. Cellular, the 7130e may be what you are looking for. The device is pricey at a full retail price of $419.99; however, I am on my employer's corporate plan and I was elligible for an early upgrade (after one year) for only $74.99, a no-brainer. Check it out: http://www.discoverblackberry.com/devices/device-detail.jsp?navId=H0,C61,P69
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