The digital trunktrackers and STARS

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Jul 22, 2002
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We've had a wiki article out there for some time that (attempts to) document the trick(s) you need to use to properly trunktrack STARS -

Trunktrackers and STARS - The RadioReference Wiki

Right now all it has is Win96 data - I'm willing to bet newcomers wouldn't necessarily know what to do with the other digital trunktrackers. Would the actions and settings under ARC96 be the same? I would assume so.

I think - I could be wrong here - that with the object oriented scanners, that you can set the system up to essentially auto-populate, but it would be helpful to document how that gets done (what parameters do you set to accomplish this?).

What about Home Patrol, the PSR-800 and (presumably) the PRO-18? Once you download the data from the database, are there any other settings you need to change?

And of course, we can't forget the Uniden DMA scanners - what about those?

The more of these tricks and features that are documented, the more information you give a newcomer to these about it?

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