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the future of the usa?

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Silent Key Jan. 14, 2012
May 11, 2002
Eclipse, Virginia
Well the first map by Ashton Pitre is here and gone 1995-99. and the Miss River is still the same width today as it was in 1994.

If the shaded areas in the second map by Aron Abrahamsen represents land under water, this could only happen with an extremely large earthquake into western Kansas. No time line is offered for this event.

Map 3 by Dolores Cannon - the Nostradamus Map, depicts a large mass of land in black in the center of the US. I was born and raised inside of that mass which currently is 1200 ft ASL. The land in white in upper western Kansas to Denver (supposidly underwater) is currently at a higher ASL. Noah's flood should have already made a valley out of that territory if the dirt was that loamy.

And finally, Chet Snow's map is the most realistic, however, the time cycle is one year past the middle of the time line, so all of changes are needed in the next 7 years for his prediction to come into being.

Me thinks, the writer of the page -- Byron, is simply trying to make a buck selling maps and fairy tales.
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