the lone ranger

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Feb 28, 2007

I do believe that we are informed, I mean I know stuff that many other people I know of never knew of.

I hear anything from people being pulled over to attempted suicides.

I always joke to people, but am kinda serious, that say I want to go to the local Walmart, if I hear on the scanner, that it's currently being robbed, I think (or know) I will wait to do my shopping there. LoL.

When people hear what goes on, from my scanner, they are literally like, "Holy S***". They know bad/stupid stuff happens in my city from the news/newspaper/word-of-mouth but until they hear the scanner, they ain't heard crap.

I swear sometimes you hear so much stuff going on from the scanner, you would think that I lived in a way bigger city/county then I actually do.

Also, I think what also makes the scanner enjoyable is the fact that you hear some really really strange things. You hear about fights over stupid things sometimes and just flat out strange calls.
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