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The popularity of Soccer in America

Apr 28, 2016
Nankin Township, Michigan
I honestly don't want to start a flame thread here. But I have to ask.
I'm not much into soccer. None of, and I mean none of my friends or family (with the exception of their kid playing at school), are into soccer in any way.
Here in the States, NBC shows soccer matches from overseas on Saturday afternoon. Here in Detroit, the only local station that talks about soccer on the nightly news is the NBC affiliate. The CBS, ABC and Fox stations in the Motor City don't say much about the sport. Now I think it's safe to say the folks at NBC would not be airing this to just a few people. Surely they have done surveys, and ascertained that someone wants to see these games. And that's fine. I'm just pondering who.

Now I know this game is wildly popular basically everywhere except the US. So I'm just asking this question to those who live in the States.
So without flaming for or against the sport itself, can folks just in the States respond if they like watching the sport on TV.
And if you do enjoy watching it, where roughly do you live? I'm curious if it's just a geographic thing, if you know what I mean.
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