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The popularity of Soccer in America


Apr 28, 2016
Nankin Township, Michigan
I honestly don't want to start a flame thread here. But I have to ask.
I'm not much into soccer. None of, and I mean none of my friends or family (with the exception of their kid playing at school), are into soccer in any way.
Here in the States, NBC shows soccer matches from overseas on Saturday afternoon. Here in Detroit, the only local station that talks about soccer on the nightly news is the NBC affiliate. The CBS, ABC and Fox stations in the Motor City don't say much about the sport. Now I think it's safe to say the folks at NBC would not be airing this to just a few people. Surely they have done surveys, and ascertained that someone wants to see these games. And that's fine. I'm just pondering who.

Now I know this game is wildly popular basically everywhere except the US. So I'm just asking this question to those who live in the States.
So without flaming for or against the sport itself, can folks just in the States respond if they like watching the sport on TV.
And if you do enjoy watching it, where roughly do you live? I'm curious if it's just a geographic thing, if you know what I mean.
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Truth is a force of nature
May 7, 2004
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Old thread but I'll chime in. I think it's true that Michigan has a very large middle Eastern population and thus there you go for your demographic. Just a wild guess. Perhaps they play soccer on TV in Minnesota as well. I don't follow sports, but I think I've seen it on ESPN. In other countries I've heard it's like a match between one country and another and they are really into it. In fact, I think there was a scene in the movie 13 Hours where a guy is watching soccer. Though my dad tells me it was a Broncos game which I can hardly believe. HAHA

Nice username. Reminds me of some good times with an old laptop without a hard drive and encrypted storage on an SD card.


Jun 1, 2016
I don't know if your aware but the ladies world cup is currently being played in France and the USA are playing amazing at the moment beating Thailand 13-0.

That is a massive score in soccer as the average score per game is 2.5 goals over the season in leagues etc.

Now you might think it isn't manly to follow female soccer but i would argue That apart from appreciating the skill and fitness of the ladies involved you can admire their physiques :cool:.

It's what women have been doing for years watching men play sport.


Jun 13, 2012
The land of broken calculators.
Soccer is really taking off in the US. The MLS is expanding.
This is a gradual trend that will most likely really pay off in years to come.
A lot of this has to do with kids not being allowed by their parents to play gridiron football when they're young because of injuries.

Personally I find gridiron football the most boring sport in the world but I can watch Association football (aka soccer) all day long. Luckily we have a new MLS team here in my state that brought home the first championship trophy we've had in decades just last year. The home games have close to 80,000 people in attendance.