Their burial custom is also very strange

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Jan 12, 2012
data and information about a class of information, though our*hands a lot, but until now, are more difficult to link the debris, only to co-ordinate the use of up Shirley Yang, in this regard, I can offer much busy, only helped out of ideas.
So let Uncle Ming incense in TV Series DVD Boxset theTempleand the rest Ah, roast some beef fat to the people responsible for hunger, I and Shirley Young to analyze those painted on human skin volume, and gradually a sort of clue.
“evil Luo city” as a magic country’s main city, and its power system is completely different from the rest of the country, the magic*country heyday of the rule covering the Kunlun Mountains around the ages no king, directly from their worship of the Lord God “snake god of the left bone, “Lord, all the major decisions, the priest passed by the state to the” snake god of the bone “to worship, then divination income, in that ancient era,” divination “is very serious Drama and important event, not to easy to hold, in which an interval of several years, even more than a decade to be held.
magic country without a king, this is not the city palace, temple of reason only, the so-called royal family, some bits are high, holds the right to speak of a shaman, but these people’s position in the country to be routed to the first five after.
In the magic the country’s values, the “snake*god of the bone,” God is the highest, second only to the “Crime Cthulhu” is the resting of the cave; again of the, is that students have a head of a black eye. ” net See Nikaya “(giant head of the snake).
then there is a magic country the most legendary “Gui Mu”, the country’s religious magic that each generation of “Gui Mu” are the reincarnation of another world, from can not show his face, always have to cover the face, because their The eyes are enough to match the “Foyan” the seventh eyes “Eye”, Foyan boundless, Children/Family Eye of the free world, it is not every generation Guimu can have this Yaotong.
In the “Gui Mu” below, is to master some of the*sorcerers, like “Chong technique” several of the original form of the main priest, of course, then the “Chong technique”, far from offering the king during the complex and can not harm people in the invisible, is mainly used to hold a major sacrifice.
Their burial custom is also very strange, only the “master priest” in order to be eligible to be buried into the “nine-floor, demon” in the Kunlun Pass the “Phoenix Temple,” the ruins, I saw magic country tombs, it should be is a Guimu burial tomb, which is due to the first “Gui Mu” is regarded as false gods of the woman, “read the fierce black color” has been buried in the top of the glacier demon dragon tower, and*these terms are several times in the Educational legend of King Gesar has been mentioned.
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