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Jan 21, 2010
Chester County, Pennsylvania
By Thorndale Fire Company March 2, 2010 On Monday March 2, 2010 at 17:59, the Thorndale Fire Company along with the Minquas Fire Company of Downingtown Ambulance and Paramedics were dispatched to the 4400 Block of Lincoln Highway for an Auto Accident with possible entrapment. Chief 38 (Taylor), Ambulance 46-1 (Minquas), and Medic 46-1 (Minquas) responded and were advised that one vehicle struck a pole in front of Colonial Hyundi and the driver of the vehicle may be trapped.

Ambulance 46-1 and Medic 46-1 arrived onscene and began checking the injuries of the driver who was still located in the vehicle. Assistant 38 (D'Amico) arrived on the scene and established "Lincoln Highway Command". As Rescue 38 was approaching the scene, "Lincoln Highway Command" advised Rescue 38 to prepare for a possible extrication of the driver. Due to the extent of injuries, the Paramedic on scene requested for an air medical helicopter to be placed on standby. As Rescue 38 arrived on the scene seconds later, it was determined to extricate the driver by removing the roof of the vehicle.

The crew of Rescue 38 quickly went to work stabilizing the vehicle, protecting the patient, removing all the glass, and placing several hydraulic rescue tools into service. QRS Coordinator Aberts stabilized the patient in the vehicle and provided information to the rescue crews working outside the vehicle during the extrication. The crew of Rescue 38 removed the roof, rear driver's side door, entire driver's side "B-post", and extended the front driver's side door past 90 degrees. Once adequate access to the patient was gained, rescue crews assisted EMS with the removal of the driver from the vehicle to an awaiting Ambulance.

Chester County Fire Radio had dispatched Engine 45 to standby for a possible landing zone in the area of the accident, however it was decided by EMS not to fly the patient so the air medical helicopter was stood down. Ambulance 46-1 and Medic 46-1 transported the patient to Reading Hospital.

Thorndale Fire Police remained on the scene to provide traffic control around the accident scene, while Rescue 38 and Squad 38 returned to service.

Units:Rescue 38, Squad 38, Traffic 38, Chief 38 (Taylor), Assistant 38 (D'Amico)Mutual Aid:Ambulance 46-1, Medic 46-1, Engine 45
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