thorough setup advice needed (antenna/grounding/mast)

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Dec 19, 2002
I currently have nothing setup on the roof.. I own a dismounted D-130J with LMR400 cable.. I'm looking to monitor pretty much everything (milair/700mhz/vhf/uhf).. First I am debating what antennas to buy.. I have the D-130J for my omni.. I'm thinking about getting the scanner beam (antenna warehouse or grove?) for long range pickups.. Is there any milair specific base antennas that will blow the beam away in that band?

Next, i'm thinkin of having 2 or 3 total antennae... I have a flat roof (adobe style) with the usual 2-3 ft parapet walls all around.. What mount/mast system would one recommend to safeguard it from the Arizona monsoons and attach 2 to 3 antenna total? I guess if I got a beam I would need a rotator on it, would that mean I need a different mast or is there a truss like mount system that I can put all 3 up on with their own short masts?

Lastly, grounding.. with 3 antennas (potentially). do I just run the 3 coax lines thru in-line coax surge suppressors and I'll be fine? Or do I need to ground the antenna mast itself as well?

Is there a good place to order the copper for grounding? Can I use that smaller green coated copper direcTV used to ground my dish?

I guess I need the dummies guide to scanner antennas. :)

Thx in advance

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