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Time To Update Scanner

Mar 12, 2019
Looking for scanner recommendations...... A lot of p25 phase II being installed in Iowa... I am in Central Iowa... I am looking into upgrading my scanner and looking for recommendations for a scanner... Fairly simple to use, computer programmable (most are, any more). I'm familar with EDACS programing and Radio Shack, GRE scanners...
Are most LEC's going to encrypted p25 phase II even for dispatch? I enjoy listening to dispatch.. Not hearing some of the area counties no more due to P25 PII. More counties are switching by the day... Tama going to p25 PII as I saw on here today..
Any and all recommendations will be appreciated!!!!!
Thanks again!!!!



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Mar 30, 2002
Quad-Cities (Iowa-Illinois) USA
Uniden SDS-100, SDS-200 for the top of the line,
TRX-1, TRX-2 if you prefer Whistler
other Uniden scanners that will do P2 are 996P2 and 325P2, Home Patrol II 536, 436
all the ones listed will do DMR,
Uniden 996P2 & 325P2 will not do NXDN.
the other Unidens listed have an additional fee for upgrade to DMR & NXDN
N0JAK - I recommend the Whistler 1080/88 for hand held and 1098/1095 for base/mobile use.
they all have Phase 2 and can be updated to DMR. I do NOT Recommend LOW End scanners from Uniden or Whistler, as the OLDER models WS 1040 and WS 1065 lack SD card for Memory and Lack EZscan software that the Whistler 10xx series uses. the 1080/88 and similar scanners come with the Entire USA and Canada Database built in and can use the Radio Reference Database to Update for FREE.
In General I find Whistler EZscan superior to 3rd Party Software and Uniden Sentinel.
Whistler 1080/88 and 1098/1095 should be less expensive than the Whistler TRX Series and Uniden 486/SDS scanners.