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Feb 8, 2012
If you are referring to the Mesa Police and Fire, Arizona State / Tonto Forestry Feed, when I listen to it (for a short time), it sounds like an average radio-feed, with no echo; nothing "wrong", though it has very little baritone/bass pitch in it.

If you are listening to the feed on the same computer/internet connection that is used to provide the feed, and if the computer is an older computer, sometimes the computer might sound like it has an echo sound that comes from it (your computer) not being able to BOTH send and receive the feed smoothly at the same time. I have heard this in-person on other older computers used as feed-computers, but the feed itself was fine when monitored on another computer/connection.

If you want to adjust the quality of the sound that you hear, you might want to use better headphones or better quality speakers, or use an equalizer between your computer's audio-output and your speaker. (Others have done this before, and discussed it in other threads.)

If you want to adjust the quality of the sound that you send to BCFY, to make it sound more full or rounded at the source, then you will need to use something as a sound-equalizer of some kind between the scanner's output and the computer's input, so that you can increase the bass/baritone tones. (I am guessing that most people do not do this to their feeds.)

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