Tips for a new BCD 996xxt owner?

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Jan 15, 2008
Couldn't resist an amazon lightning deal on a new Uniden 996xt scanner. I'm from Massachusetts and I have a GRE PSR800 right now, but needed something for the truck and went for it.

I almost passed on it because of the reviews that mentioned how hard these are to program and use, but went for it as it also took me a while to use the PSR800, but got it eventually.

I read through the the top of he forums, but was wondering if there was any beginner guides for programming these. Any tips would be appreciated as I get started....


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Jul 22, 2002
Bowie, Md.
Yes the Uniden DMA radios take some doing to learn - I would start with the wiki article below, which has all the links you need to get started...(all links are blue)

Program your DMA Scanner - The RadioReference Wiki

A couple of things here...

- Go to the bottom of that article and get the Easier to Read manual for the 996XT- you may want to purchase a printed copy
- Download and install FreeScan (the links are in the article)
- Get your USB/serial cable squared away (no you can't use the same one as you did with the 800). Read the article in the wiki about this topic
- Go to the Scan New England website and download some files from their wiki so you can see how things are structured. You can get to that site from here...go to the very bottom of

Massachsetts - the RR wiki

Or ask on our Massachusetts forum - make sure you specify that you have a 996XT and FreeScan

Take your time - there are many new concepts and functions here. Don't try to do too much at once - try programming 2 systems and fool around with the functions until you're comfortable.

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