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TK-3160 KPG-82 way to bypass read/write password?

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Feb 1, 2010
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I am very familiar with Motorola radios. But, I am not very familiar with Kenwood units. Is there a way to bypass a Read/Write password on a TK-3160? I have a customer who left there radio dealer and now is locked out of their radios (customer owns radios, this is not EBAY or some other questionable source). Thank you, TT.


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Jul 27, 2005
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Have your customer take the radios back to the original shop to have them remove the read/write password and wipe the radio.

If the radios were running on a radio shop owned repeater, I can understand the r/w password to keep customer from adding their own radios to the system and using it for free. If the customer has their own system, then this sort of behavior is questionable. It's sort of along the lines of me taking my truck to a mechanic, and that mechanic putting a lock on the hood so no one else can ever work on it. If the radio belongs to your customer, have them take it back and have the r/w password removed.

Kenwood factory repair can do it for you, also. There is apparently a way you can set up the software in "factory" mode that will bypass this, but I don't have the info on that.


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Jul 12, 2008
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Kenwood will only provide the password recovery to the selling dealer or to you with proof of purchase. Yes, when KPG is installed with a "dealer" key it unlocks hidden menus that allow one to remove the password.

What mmckenna said is correct, the sleazy dealer who password protected YOUR radio (ASSuming it is fully paid for and lawfully yours) owes you the password or will have to pay to have it removed.

Of course if that shop it out of business, you are out of luck unless you can find someone with the KPG dealer key to help you out.

ALWAYS instruct a dealer IN WRITING on your service ticket not to password protect YOUR radio. If they refuse, go elsewhere. It is YOUR radio and locking you out is a sleaze bucket move by some turdy dealer who wants to strongarm you into using them everytime you want YOUR radio programmed. Scumbags.
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