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TK 790 Squelch on csq

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Dec 13, 2011
New Castle, PA

I have a few different models of the Tk 790 I am working with on the KPG44D software. I have several channels programmed with a CSQ PL. On some of the 790's, I have a steady squelch as like when the monitor button is pushed and on other radios with the same frequency, it is fine.

Any idea why this is occurring and how to overcome this?

I have about 27 radios I need to program and can not have this squelch when selected on said channel.

If it helps, there are several frequencies that have the CSQ it does this on not just one certain.

Thanks in advance.



Lots and lots of watts
Dec 5, 2008
Sonoma, CA
Squelch level can be set in the programming software. Allows you to select a default level the radio will use after a reset. You can pick a level that all radios can be happy with.

Additionally, you can program a button as squelch level. This gives the user the ability to fine tune the squelch to each individual radio.

If the above doesn't solve the squelch break problem, first you need to determine if there is any close by high level interference that is beyond what the squelch circuit can handle. Easy enough, remove the antenna from the radio and recheck squelch settings for proper operation.

If all else fails, there is a section in the test mode to set the open and tight settings . These correspond to squelch level 0 and level 15. Normally I don't recommend fiddling with stuff in the test mode unless you have the equipment to do it properly, but the squelch adjustments are pretty benign and you can tell right off the bat if it's working correctly or not. You can bump up the tight setting 10 or 20 points and then recheck to see if that helps.


Mar 7, 2002
New Orleans region
As ramal121 has said, use one of the programmable buttons to allow you to adjust the squelch when needed. I did this on one of the TK-790 radios I have. It allowed for a far greater flexibility when using the radio.

At times when I have been on the road and using a repeater that didn't exactly have good coverage, I have the ability to open up the setting and lower the squelch level. It I find myself in a noise location, I can adjust the squelch tighter.

With the ability to adjust the squelch on the fly, you will enjoy the radio much more. Makes it much more flexible.
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