To Jakeportlan

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KE0SKN - Member
Dec 11, 2005
Kasson, Minnesota
Jake I'm making this letter open to the public so that no one can say I was mad at you, or mean to you. I know you on a personal level and I know how your parents are with you. With this in mine I can reasonably say that your getting on the members last nerves. Now I am your friend and as your friend I'm telling you - you need to take a break from radio reference board. Don't ask any more question on this post, unless there PMs messaging to me. This is what you need to do:

1. Sit down with your mom & dad and see what you need to do have me come back over to help you out.
2. If you get that done and I do come over I need to set up a good antenna system up at your house.
3. Once thats done I will program all your radios to the frequencies you need to have.
4. One thats Done LEAVE YOUR RADIO Just sit back and listen.

Jake we all here at Radioreference love to help people, even if the do have life challenges, lords knows I got them too. But you do need to learn your limits and the limits of others too. You need to also learn how to read the information thats in the database. Most of the information you requested are in the database.

And before you ask? No I'm Not Mad At You....
You just need to take a break from the posting board and just PM your question and I will get back to you.

From: Ryan.
Not open for further replies.