Todd County NXDN - It's Official & It's Online

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Jan 30, 2001
Searching for any news on Todd County's system found the following from WHOP radio in Hopkinsville...

Lite 98.7 WHOP FM - Todd County gets new public safety radio system | Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Todd County gets new public safety radio system

Todd County residents who regularly monitor a police scanner have likely noticed an absence of communications recently and for good reason.

A new digital radio system was recently installed in Todd County and it is very similar to the Christian County system in that there are no scanners on the market that will pick up the signal.

Elkton Police Chief Bruce Marklin says early returns on the Kenwood system have been positive, as they are much clearer than the 19-year old system it replaced.

Chief Marklin says that minus a few exceptions, reception has been good across Todd County, though new repeaters near Guthrie and Clifty may one day be needed.

The chief says having a system compatible with Christian County and with what Logan County will soon use is what makes the system most exciting to him, as the three counties and maybe others in the future will have better communications via radio.

(Posted at WHOP's website 01/05/2012).
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