Tone Alert Software?

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Sep 11, 2009
Cincinnati, OH
Concept: A virtual Plectron with easy to modify parameters (tone frequency, alert timing, alert sound, etc.)

I have been looking for a program or a way to create a program for while that simply plays an alert sound and/or puts up a text box window whenever a two-tone or long tone is recognized from line-in audio connected to a scanner. TwoToneDetect is a great program and I use it, however I am looking for something more 'dumbed down' that can run in the background (system tray perhaps) and without all of the bells and whistles. I have limited knowledge of VB, but tried google-ing for different aspects of code (monitor line-in, playback line-in, detecting audio frequency, etc.) in hopes that I could somehow piece something together... No luck. I would love to try to make the project in VB Express, but as stated earlier I am still in the "aspiring code tinkerer" stage. Does anyone have any ideas, guidance, or know of such an animal?

Thanks to everyone who takes time to reply.
Not open for further replies.