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Dec 18, 2002
Indianapolis, IN
OK, even after multiple threads in multiple forums about this, I received an submission that brings this to the fore:

Everyone in every County, and Municipality that is using conventional VHF High Band, and/or UHF ***Narrowbanding has been occurring to meet FCC mandates. Many agencies have also changed the CTCSS, and CDCSS (PL and DPL) tones used to access their radio systems. So if you suddenly notice that an agency you were receiving on an listed tone you can no longer receive, or the tone is not correct, this is why. Please submit the correct tones to us so we may update the database. Also, a lot of agencies when they narrowbanded switched from analog to DMR (MotoTRBO), or NXDN (NexEDGE) digital formats which are not monitorable on current technology scanners. Again, if you find that digital is in use, and your P25 scanner can not decode it, it may be one of those formats. Please submit this information to us and we admins will update the db with this status. For those that have experienced loss of reception on VHF/UHF, do an tone search, and submit new tones to us. For those that have discovered tones in use are not the ones we have listed, submit the new tones to us. TY guys and gals!
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