Tons more info is coming to the database... Questions for Arizona Users

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Nov 14, 2004
Tucson, Arizona
Soon there will be .CSV files that will be easier to manipulate and contain alot more information. With that, I will be updating as much as I can (with your help of course-please :)) to add the missing pieces.

Here are the questions:

Are you interested in Agency/Channel set up or just what frequencies they are using and what they may call those channels? I ask this because there is redundancy between non-related agencies in their radios as they operate in the same or adjacent near geographical areas. Do you want the redundancy?

Do you want the US Govt freqs that are active in a particular county to be listed in that county and/or listed in the Arizona US Government area? Again this is for redundancy.

If you know of a piece of info that is missing in a field or an entry that needs updating please let me know. Soon you will be seeing changes in the RR database that will enhance the usablity of the information. This will require tons-o-corrections and additions to fields we have never seen before.

The redundancy issue is not a big thing between counties, agencies and entities because we all may have different interests and we all be pulling different parts of the database into the scanner.

Now is the time to start talking about it.

I would strongly suggest subscribing to this thread and this thread in the coming months.

Happy Scanning!
Not open for further replies.