Tornado touchdown Lincoln County

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Completely Banned for the Greater Good
Dec 19, 2002
West of Charlotte NC
It was an interesting night, storm ripped through northern Cleveland County, the entire western half of Lincoln County and I assume a good part of Catawba County (did not listen to see what they actually had).

There were at least two touchdowns reported in western Lincoln, quite a bit of damage as well as likely several thousand chickens lost (and maybe Sunday breakfast for some lucky dogs and cats in the area).

It reminded me why it's not a bad idea to have extra radios with me while at work, ended up using two HT1000s and two Saber IIs to be able to monitor what I wanted without having to scan and possibly miss something, plus the added RX performance did a lot better than a regular scanner would have done.

Hopefully our Catawba County members will pop in to say they are ok (and to tell us the fun they might have had at work too :D)....
Not open for further replies.