Tow truck frequencies

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Jan 13, 2004
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Try in the 150.815 thru 150.965 157.470-thru--157.515 range. Some could be on a Trunked Radio system as well as in the Business radio service area or down into the low band area .but I found a rather old list for you .Bobs' towing 157.515 .Bay City Wrecker 150.815.Matthew Richard 150.890.
Kreager Wrecker 157.470.CJ's Auto 150.830. Brigeport serv 150.875. Gregs Wrecker.461.325..
Mikes.150.845. State st Tow 157.485. All I have listed are in the Bay City or the Saginaw area .I have no way to prove that these Tow services are still in buiseness or these freqs are still active so good luck .


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Aug 23, 2005
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Heres what I have at my website (located on the bottom of the message).
Over the years I will occasionally check these out and correlate what is available in the yellow pages. I have found many seem to come and go fast or they may change their names and have the same phone as the previous yellow pages. Again its tough to find all of em as stated above, but if you can find the owner of the business then you can check on here or at the fcc search for info. FCC General Menu Reports 3.1.07 November 6, 2009

Tow Trucks: SEARCH BANDS: 150.815-150.965, 157.470-157.515
Beehr's Towing 150.890 Tim’s Towing 35.920 Bridgeport Towing 150.875
Mister Towing 150.815 Mike's Wrecker 150.845 Cole's Wrecker 150.845
Bobs Towing 157.515 Bay City Wrecker 150.815 Bay City Towing 150.890
Midland Towing 461.600 Kreager Wrecker Saginaw 157.470
Auburn Towing trunk ID 16720 & uses 856.1375, 857.1375, 858.1375, 859.1375, 860.1375

LTR Systems (15) 461.400, (19) 461.975, 03463.375, (04) 464.050 () is the ltr # for the system
Action Towing 0-015-043
Kreager Wrecker Bay City 0-015-235
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